Using Porcelain Veneers to Get Your Dream Smile

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have such perfect teeth? Of course it is possible they are lucky enough to have a naturally beautiful smile, but most require a little help, often by using porcelain veneers. Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton is becoming increasingly popular and porcelain veneers are frequently used as part of a smile makeover or as a stand-alone treatment. So how could porcelain veneers help your smile?

porcelain-veneerWhy You Might Wish to Consider Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a pretty versatile treatment that can help improve the appearance of your teeth in a number of different ways. You might wish to consider this treatment if you have teeth that are chipped or cracked or which are worn down. Porcelain veneers can also be useful for covering up teeth that are badly stained and which cannot benefit from teeth whitening in Clacton. They can be used to close up or minimise unsightly gaps in between your teeth and porcelain veneers can be an alternative treatment to orthodontics. If you only have one or two teeth that are out of alignment then you may want to use porcelain veneers to bring them back into line.

What Is the Procedure for Having Porcelain Veneers?

The first thing you will need to do is to book a consultation with our Clacton dentist. Before you come to see us have a think about how you’d like to improve your smile and if there are any particular features that you are keen to preserve or would like to get rid of. A good example is having a gap in between your front teeth, which is called a diastema. Some people feel this expresses their personality and are keen not to lose it while others are keen to close up this gap.

Our dentist will need to take a close look at your teeth to make sure they are strong and healthy and do not have any sizeable fillings. Any teeth that do have large fillings may be better off being crowned rather than veneered as this will give them added protection and strength. Afterwards our dentist can chat to you about how many veneers they think are required and whether or not it’s best to combine this treatment with any other procedures such as teeth whitening in Clacton. Some people only need a few veneers but would prefer a whiter smile which is why using these two treatments can sometimes work very well.

The next step will be to prepare your teeth for your porcelain veneers. This is done using local anaesthetic as it’s necessary to remove a tiny amount of tooth enamel from the front surfaces of your teeth. Once your teeth have been shaped, our Clacton dentist will take a detailed impression to send to the laboratory. Your porcelain veneers will be custom designed and are hand fabricated to our exact specifications.In the meantime your teeth will be protected with temporary veneers.

On your next visit to Clacton Dental Care, we can fit and adjust your new porcelain veneers before permanently cemented them in place. Your new veneers will be easy to look after as you can simply brush them and floss them as normal and with proper care they should give you many years of use.

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