Using Dental Implants to Stabilise Dentures

Here at Clarence House Dental Care, we believe your natural teeth are by far the best option as nature has created a design that is perfect for the job in hand. Unfortunately natural teeth are not always able to withstand everything they encounter in the course of our daily lives. Often they can become damaged by trauma and they may become infected by decay. We can often save badly damaged teeth, especially if you seek out prompt treatment, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible. If we do have to extract teeth, we’ll frequently suggest dental implants in Watton.

Dental implants in Downham MarketWhy Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often regarded as being the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and this is because they can be long-lasting or will even remain in place for life, provided they are properly cared for. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that integrates with the jawbone, providing the same sort of stimulation as a natural tooth root which helps keep the jawbone strong and healthy. This is a major reason for choosing this type of replacement as bone loss is a problem once natural teeth are extracted. Dental implants are easy to cook after and are extremely versatile. One way they can be used is to stabilise loose dentures or they can even replace them altogether.

Why It’s Worthwhile Using Dental Implants to Stabilise Loose Dentures

Dentures are a very cost-effective way to replace multiple teeth but wearers can find them problematic after just a few short years. The main issue with wearing dentures is that the jawbone begins to change shape once natural teeth are removed as the jawbone is gradually reabsorbed by the body. These changes result in the bony ridge used to provide support and retention for dentures becoming flatter and narrower. Dentures that used to fit well will begin to move around and rub uncomfortably on the gums and eating and socialising with others and can become a nightmare.

Often just a few dental implants can be used to hold a lower denture securely in place. As the denture will no longer rest on the gums, it will feel much more comfortable and eating will become a pleasure once more. This treatment is frequently used for lower dentures but can be just as good for upper dentures. If you do use dental implants to secure an upper denture, it’s likely your dentist in Watton will need to use a greater number of implants to hold it firmly in place. However, the denture will be constructed in a slightly different shape as it will be a horseshoe design and will not need to cover up the upper palate. This can make an amazing difference to the taste of food as the upper palate has lots of taste buds, and the denture should feel much more comfortable and far less bulky than before.

Dental implants are suitable for many people struggling with dentures but the best way to find out for sure is to book an appointment with our dentist in Watton. Just give us a call on 01953 882777.

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