Using Cosmetic Dentistry in Watton To Brighten Your Smile

Are you fed up of looking in the mirror and seeing a dingy or less than appealing smile? If so we can help as Clarence House Dental Care has lots of different options for cosmetic dentistry treatments. These can brighten up your smile, repair damaged teeth or we can go even further and give you the smile of your dreams. It’s down to you as to how much you choose to have done and how drastically you want to change the appearance of your teeth. We often find that most people will benefit from having a few subtle changes and may not necessarily need anything too major.

Which Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Can Help?

cosmetic dentistry in WattonIt all depends on how much you want to change the appearance of your smile. Often a simple makeover can include renewing old and stained fillings or getting rid of old amalgams and replacing them with nice new white fillings. We can also bond teeth using the latest tooth coloured composite resins to slightly change the overall shape of a tooth, to mend minor chips and cracks or replace areas that have become worn down.

Tooth whitening is always popular as it can yield quite spectacular results in a very short space of time. We can completely cover up tooth surfaces using the very latest porcelain veneers which can look incredibly natural. If your teeth are slightly crooked but aren’t wildly out of alignment, then we can provide cosmetic braces in Watton which can straighten up front teeth in just a matter of a few months. Cosmetic braces can be extremely effective and are a conservative way of straightening up teeth as this helps preserve the maximum amount of your healthy tooth structure.

How Do I Decide Which Treatments Are Best?

If you are thinking about having cosmetic dentistry in Watton, then the best thing to do is to make an appointment to see one of our dentists. We can examine your teeth and gums and will listen carefully to your concerns about their appearance. From there we can recommend the most suitable treatments that we feel will best help you achieve your aims and desires. We will provide you with a full treatment plan, detailing the costs of any treatments recommended so you can choose the best option to fit in with your budget.

Some treatments work particularly well in conjunction with each other and it may not necessarily be any more expensive to use more than one procedure. For instance, using tooth whitening in combination with porcelain veneers can provide the most conservative option for getting a beautifully white and appealing smile. In this case we’d whiten your teeth before selectively veneering any teeth that do not respond so well to whitening or which have other issues such as being less than perfectly shaped, or which are perhaps a bit chipped or worn.

If you are thinking about improving your smile in time for a special event, then it’s best to allow as much time as you can to plan your treatment. Why not phone us today on 01953 882777 to book a consultation with our dentists in Watton.

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