Top Products For Kids Teeth

Top Products For Kids Teeth

Top 10 tips for looking after children’s teeth at home (aged 6+)

As your child ages and develops, their teeth will continue to need looking after. Their needs will change, for instance, age 8 is a high risk of trauma to front teeth as many children get more serious about bike or scooter riding. In addition to a regular brushing routine and visiting the dentist for a check-up, there are habits and routines which parents can help with at home to keep teeth healthy.

Mayur N Pandya, Dentist and Chief Clinical Officer of Together Dental said; “As children develop dental decay becomes the biggest concern for dentists (mitigated with diet and fluoride), followed by queries around brushing, eruption of second teeth and tooth alignment. Creating a positive twice daily brushing routine for children is crucial for setting the right habits for the rest of your child’s life. Increased and improved regular brushing of teeth is a positive for the whole family.”

Our top 10 tips that we recommend for children’s teeth are;

  1. Choose the right toothpaste
    Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Mint is a fresh and effective toothpaste that, with its unique form, fights sugar acids on the teeth. Perfect for maximum protection against holes. It has a fresh taste of mint
    Prescription toothpaste can be provided by the dentist after the age of 8, if there is a higher risk of decay, to discuss with dentist.
  2. The importance of a good diet
    You should be careful with yoghurts as they can have added sugars. Water should be drunk at night time if a child requires a drink. You shouldn’t eat sugary or main meals within 1 hour before bedtime. If unsure then parents can keep a diet sheet for their children and discuss with the dentist
  3. Dentist check-ups
    It is always good to have a dentist appointment when adult teeth start coming through at the age of 6-7 years old. Even though Covid-19 has slowed down access to dentist appointment they are still available so we recommend booking in advance to ensure that you have scheduled a check-up for your child. Dentists are mindful that it is frustrating but need to ensure that everyone is seen safely. We advise not to assume you can’t go and to book in that check-up just as you would now normally do. Key to visit dentist regularly as soon as teeth erupt to get the child used to visiting the dentist
  4. Fissure sealants
    Older children can benefit long terms from having fissure sealants placed to protect teeth. Fissure sealants are plastic coatings that are painted on to the grooves of the back teeth. The sealant forms a protective layer that keeps food and bacteria from getting stuck in the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay
  5. Brushing technique
    When brushing teeth, spend 2-3 mins and stand behind the child in the mirror to clean teeth and encourage their interaction/learning through watching
  6. Eruption patterns
    Baby teeth and permanent teeth follow a set order of development. You should follow eruption patterns and if a child is late by more than 6 months, then consult a dentist
  7. Monitoring eruption
    At age 10, important to visit dentist to check the eruption of adult teeth including canines, which the dentist will check for in the gums
  8. Topical relief
    Bonjela is very helpful and effective in careful doses
  9. Disclosing tablets
    Older children should be taught brushing techniques and then visit the dentist to have some disclosing tablets to highlight plaque to help them with effective cleaning

Dentists are working through their patients lists safely and within government guidelines and prioritising those with immediate needs. Some families may not have been able to get their children in for a regular general check-up. In these cases you can maintain good teeth hygiene for your children at home.

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