Toothache and What it Means for Your Dental Health

Have you ever had that feeling that something is slightly wrong with one of your teeth? Perhaps it has begun to ache a bit or maybe it feels slightly painful when you bite down on it? It is easy to ignore these symptoms, for example through avoiding biting on a particular tooth in the hope that it will get better on its own.

toothache in downham marketHowever, it’s better to take action as soon as you can and before things can become any worse. One thing to try when toothache first develops is gently flossing around the affected tooth as sometimes is possible for food to become packed in between the tooth and this can be enough to push it slightly out of position, causing pain.

Why Does Toothache Develop?

One of the main reasons for toothache in Downham Market is tooth decay, where bacteria in the mouth of been able to get deep inside a tooth, causing increasing tooth sensitivity. A major problem with untreated tooth decay is that it will continue to progress and eventually a cavity will reach the very central part of the tooth that contains all the nerves and which is called the pulp. You might also develop toothache if you have an old and leaking filling, or a leaky crown. It is important to talk to a dentist in Downham Market if you have toothache that lasts for more than a few days.

Prompt Action Could Mean Less Invasive Treatment

By taking action sooner rather than later, it could mean that we are able to treat your tooth that much more easily. It might be just a case of replacing a filling or treating a cavity, both of which can be done quite easily and inexpensively. It can be a completely different scenario if you choose to ignore toothache and it could mean you end up requiring an emergency dentist in Downham Market to treat a very badly infected tooth or to even deal with a dental abscess. Both of these can be extremely painful and require much more extensive treatment to correct. With a dental abscess, we may even have to extract the tooth in order to clear up the infection and we’d always much rather do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth.

A Root Canal Treatment Could Save a Badly Infected Tooth

If your tooth is badly infected then we may need to carry out root canal treatment and this can be excellent for saving a tooth with a substantial infection. During this treatment our dentist will carefully clean out the inside of your tooth, removing all the infected pulp tissue and cleaning out all the root canals that extend into the roots of your teeth. It is a very good treatment and most people are pleasantly surprised to find it is little worse than having a filling, and it’s also excellent for getting rid of discomfort and pain.

Whatever the reason for your toothache, you can be sure that Downham Market Dental Care will discover the cause. Once we have diagnose the problem, we will recommend the most suitable treatment to help get rid of any pain and discomfort and to hopefully save your tooth. If your tooth is aching right now, don’t delay and call us on 01366 382265.

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