How Together Dental Can Help Former Smile Direct Patients

How Together Dental Can Help Former Smile Direct Patients

In light of recent events and the sudden closure of Smile Direct Club, we know many former patients will be looking for alternative dental practices that can help support the continuation and finalisation of their treatment now that Smile Direct has shut down.

What shall I do now Smile Direct has closed?

We are proud to announce that selected clinicians at Together Dental are on hand to support you, whether you are mid-treatment or towards the end of your teeth straightening journey that started with Smile Direct Club.

Following this, we would like to offer support for former Smile Direct patients, including a special discount to help finalise your treatment here at Together Dental, as we know this can be a distressing time for many patients. You will be able to speak with a dentist face-to-face, who will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We are committed to offering patients an affordable treatment plan and our clinicians will be able to put together a bespoke treatment plan during a consultation. You will be able to discuss our special discounts that we can offer and find out more about monthly payment plans should you wish to spread the cost of treatment. You can read more about our spread the cost options here.

We believe the sudden closure of Smile Direct underlines the importance that clinical work such as teeth straightening is always best delivered in a supervised clinical environment.

If you are uncertain of the next steps you need to take, or you are simply looking for new dentist, we are here for you.

Choose from a variety of teeth straightening options at Together Dental

Our dentists are proud to offer a range of different straightening options that use clear and discreet aligners, including Invisalign and Clear Correct. Booking a consultation with our experts means you can discuss which treatment will suit you better and we can begin your bespoke treatment plan, helping you achieve a straighter, more confident smile.

Find out what some of our recent patients have had to say about their teeth straightening treatment at Together Dental: View patient testimonials here.

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To find out more on how we can continue your treatment, click the link here to fill out an online enquiry form. A member of our friendly team will be able to direct you to the nearest dentist in your area, who will be supporting all former Smile Direct patients and their treatments.

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