The Important Of Regular Dental Check-Ups In Maintaining Oral Health

As a dentist in Southend we can’t stress enough the importance of attending regular six month dental check-ups. Some people shrug them off because they don’t think there’s anything wrong with their teeth so why bother, and others put off attending a check-up because of anxiety. The thing is, if you don’t schedule a six month check-up, then it’s a bit like not bothering to get your car serviced and then facing a large bill when that small niggly problem escalates into something far more serious and costly.

dentist in SouthendDental check-ups can be regarded as an MOT for your teeth. Dentists use a check-up for a variety of reasons. First of all your Southend dentist will check your mouth for obvious signs of redness, infection, and disease. They may even take a couple of X-rays to check for any underlying issues which can’t be seen by a visual inspection such as tooth decay, bone levels, tooth roots which may be causing concern, and the position of teeth such as wisdom teeth which haven’t yet erupted.

In addition your dentist is likely to do the following:

  • Ask if you have any worries about your teeth or how they look
  • Enquire about your general health and any medication you may be taking in case this is likely to impact of your dental treatment or oral health
  • Examine your bite position and check for any irregularities
  • Check your gums for any sign of gum disease
  • Check your teeth for signs of decay
  • Examine teeth for signs of wear and tear, cracks and erosion
  • Check the condition of fillings, crowns, and bridges
  • Check any areas of the mouth that you may be missing when you brush your teeth

Your dentist also knows your dental history and will be able to see any changes from your last visit. This can be useful in gauging the length of time before a certain treatment needs to be carried out. For instance, when a failing tooth has reached the point where it needs extraction. This saves the patient from any unpleasant shock in the near future and also lets them consider tooth replacement options and, if necessary, arrange their finances to cover such treatments as dental implants in Southend or a partial denture.

By spotting any early signs of disease or other dental problems, it can be treated quickly and effectively, saving you both time spent in the dentist’s chair and money. If you’re due a dental check-up then get in touch by calling Southend Dental Care on 01702 465000 or making an appointment via our website at We believe that prevention is better than cure and look forward to seeing you.

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