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The Importance Of Regular Dental Checks

In a way you can liken how you care for your teeth to how you care for your car. For instance are you proactive or reactive? As an example, do you book your car in for a regular service to keep it running at its best and less likely to break down? Or do you just jump in it each morning and cross your fingers that the rattle you’ve been hearing isn’t anything serious and consequently wait until you’re forced to take it to the garage for repair?

NHS dentist in BasildonThe thing is with teeth it’s about 99.9% certain that at some point in their lives people living in Basildon will be need of some form of dental care. The mouth is highly resistant to the bacteria that it regularly comes into contact with, but teeth are weaker and at some point will fall victim to decay, leaving with you with little option but to visit your Basildon dentist.

Prevention is better than cure

As an NHS dentist in Basildon we practice preventative dentistry since we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. However this only works if (a) we encourage our patients to return every six months and (b) our patients commit to those appointments.

Routine check-up

A typical six month check-up takes less than half an hour and consists of your dentist checking every area of your mouth to look for any signs of decay. If everything looks fine then you’ll just settle the bill and make another appointment for six month’s time. If he thinks something looks a little suspicious then he’ll take an X-ray to have a closer look. Depending on the results you’ll be advised of any further treatment that is needed.

Your dentist will also be looking at how your teeth may have differed from six months ago and whether a tooth that was struggling to survive has reached a stage where no further treatment can save it. He’ll also be checking your soft tissues to make sure there are no signs of oral cancer.

The whole point is that a regular six month check-up will put your mind at ease and ensure that no conditions such as gingivitis and/or tooth decay get out of control. The three main areas of concern for your teeth are dental decay, gum disease, and wear and tear, and all of these things are easily preventable with regular dental checks.

Remember that the earlier any dental problems are detected, the less time will be spent in the dentist’s chair and the smaller the dent in your wallet! If you’re well overdue a dental check-up then why not get in touch with Felmores Dental Care. If you have a busy schedule then as an evening and weekend dentist in Basildon we ‘re open until 7.30 pm on Tuesdays and 7.00 pm on Thursdays as well as Saturday mornings between 9 am and 1 pm. You can book an appointment via our web site at or call us direct on 01268 726789. We look forward to seeing you.

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