The Dangers Of Over-bleaching Your Teeth

In recent years the UK seems to be mirroring our American cousins in the quest for white teeth and these days the supermarket shelves are groaning with all manner of teeth whitening kits and smile enhancing toothpastes. In fact we’ve noticed a huge surge of interest in teeth whitening in North Harrow, and currently it is one of our most commonly requested cosmetic treatments.

teeth whitening in north harrowWhen done properly tooth whitening is a great way of improving the appearance of your teeth; but if it’s carried out without professional supervision, or with the wrong products, it can damage tooth enamel, and lead to gum recession and infection.


There have been reports in the media of people becoming obsessed with whitening their teeth leading to the term ‘bleachaholics’. Although this was probably intended to whip up public interest, it is true that too much bleaching and use of illegal home whitening kits, can cause severe problems. Too much bleaching can cause your teeth to become overly sensitive, your gums to recede, and the enamel on your teeth to erode. Once tooth enamel has been lost, then that’s it. There is no way of replacing it, so it’s important that if you’re considering teeth whitening in North Harrow that you take professional advice before doing so.

Who can carry out teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening by law can only be carried out by a regulated dental professional, such as a dental hygienist under the instruction of a dentist. Some beauty salons advertise teeth whitening services, but unless there is a dental professional present, then this is illegal. You can also purchase home whitening kits, but some of these may incur risks.

How does teeth whitening at the dentist work?

Prior to teeth whitening your dentist in North Harrow will carry out an examination of your mouth to make sure it is healthy and you have no infections or decay. It’s important to know that any visible fillings, crowns, or bridges, will not lighten, so once your teeth are whitened to their desired shade, then it may be necessary to renew them to match the colour of your teeth.

Most dentists offer two types of teeth whitening – laser whitening and home kits. The laser treatment is super fast and can be completed in just one hour. It consists of a whitening gel being applied to your teeth and a laser beam shone on them to accelerate the bleaching process. Within an hour your teeth will have lightened several shades. This is a popular choice for those patients looking to have white teeth for a special occasion.

The other method of home whitening involves your dentist taking an impression of your mouth and teeth so that custom trays can be made just for you. You’ll fill these with the whitening gel and then wear them for a couple of hours per day or over night. Results are usually achieved within a couple of weeks.

If you’re considering whitening your teeth then get it done professionally. The results are far better and last longer, meaning you won’t have to keep repeating the process at home yourself, and risk causing damage to your teeth and gums. To make an appointment call Imperial Dental Care on 020 8427 2264 or book online at

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