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The benefits of dental implants to treat tooth loss

More often than not, dental implants are the best way to replace missing natural teeth. They are a long-term solution to tooth loss that can, in many cases, last a lifetime. They are also the only way for your dentist to replace the root portions of one or more missing teeth.

dental-implants-BrentwoodOur natural teeth are meant to last us for life, but modern lifestyles often get in the way. There are numerous causes of tooth loss – accidents and injuries, gum disease and tooth decay – and in most cases dental implants can successfully be used to replace them.

Dental implants should only be placed in a healthy mouth, so if gum disease has played a contributory factor in your tooth loss, this will need to be treated first to give your implants maximum chances of success.

Homewood Dental Care in Brentwood offers dental implants to replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth. It’s not strictly correct to call implants replacement teeth; they are, more accurately, replacement tooth roots. Placed in direct contact with your jaw bone, they will form a bond with the bone that is akin to that of a natural tooth root, creating a stable anchor for a denture, bridge, or crown.

At our Brentwood dental practice we can place implants under either local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. The latter is a good choice if fear of the dentist has played a contributory factor to your tooth loss, or if you have a strong gag reflex.

Because they are in direct contact with your jaw bone, dental implants help to prevent a loss of bone density. This is the main reason standard dentures become loose, and can also make you look much older than you actually are.

When your dentures are loose, you may have difficulty eating and speaking, and are likely to suffer a severe blow to your self-confidence. Choosing dental implants helps you to avoid or rectify these problems, enabling you to stop worrying your teeth may fall out and instead get on with enjoying your life.

Patients who have already suffered bone loss may need a bone graft procedure prior to implant surgery.

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