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Teeth whitening: what you need to know

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world. It’s not hard to understand why; most people dream of brighter, whiter teeth, and whether Mother Nature has failed to step up to the mark or lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking a lot of coffee have caused teeth to be stained, professional teeth whitening treatment is often the best way to give your smile back its sparkle.

teeth-whitening-basildonThe key word from that last sentence is “professional”. By law, teeth whitening can only be carried out by a dentist, or another dental professional such as a hygienist on a dentist’s prescription. It is classed as dentistry by the General Dental Council, and it is illegal for anyone who isn’t a qualified dentist to prescribe it.

However, that doesn’t stop some unlicensed providers such as beauticians from offering the treatment. Doing so can land them in court, but by the time that has happened it is often too late for at least one unfortunate individual, whose teeth, gums, or mouth have suffered the consequences of unlicensed treatment.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you must consult a cosmetic dentist. At Felmores Dental Care in Basildon we are aware there are many products available both online and on the high street that promise to whiten your teeth, but few of them deliver on those promises.

Felmores Dental Care offers two options for teeth whitening treatment:

1) Home whitening

This involves being measured for custom-made mouth trays, which you will use overnight for a two-week period. You need to place a small amount of whitening gel in the trays each night, and after a fortnight your teeth will be several shades lighter.

2) Power whitening

This option takes place here in our Basildon dental clinic, and is carried out by a cosmetic dentist. The dentist first shields your lips and gums, then applies whitening gel to your teeth. A special lamp is used to activate the gel whilst you sit back and relax. Just one hour later, you will leave the dental practice with a beautiful, Hollywood-bright smile.

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