Teeth whitening: the fast, effective way to boost a smile

Teeth whitening is not just the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the UK, it is the most frequently requested aesthetic treatment in the world. When carried out by a fully qualified cosmetic dentist, it is a fast, effective, and safe way to brighten up your smile in time for a special occasion.

teeth-whitening-wattonEven people who practise good dental hygiene often find that their teeth become stained by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Dietary factors including red wine, tea, and coffee stain the teeth, as to lifestyle factors such as smoking. Some medical conditions, medicines, and medicated mouthwashes can also lead to temporary staining of the teeth. In all of these circumstances, teeth whitening is an effective solution.

If you are considering having teeth whitening treatment, there is one thing that it is vital to remember, and that is that you must always consult a dentist. It’s true that there are many products available online and on the high street that claim to lighten the teeth, whilst even some beauty parlours offer whitening treatment.

All of these options should be avoided. Whilst the majority of shop-bought whitening products simply won’t deliver on their promises, meaning you have wasted your money and your time, some products available from the internet can actually harm your mouth. If the level of hydrogen peroxide in whitening gel is too high, it can cause sensitivity and in some cases serious damage to your teeth and gums.

From a legal perspective, only qualified dentists can prescribe teeth whitening treatment. Other suitably trained dental professionals – hygienists, hygiene therapists, and clinical dental technicians – may carry out the treatment on a dentist’s prescription, but beauticians who offer such treatment are in fact breaking the law. Again, visiting an unlicensed provider of teeth whitening treatment is a perilous business that can cause lasting damage.

Clarence House Dental Care in Watton offers safe and reliable teeth whitening treatment from qualified dental professionals. You can choose to either carry out whitening at home yourself over a two-week period under your dentist’s supervision, or can have a single power teeth whitening session here in the practice with a dentist.

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