Teeth Whitening options at Clarence House Dental

Teeth whitening treatment is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world. It’s not hard to understand why – after all, who hasn’t dreamt of a brighter, whiter smile?

teeth-whitening-wattonThe key thing to remember when considering your options for teeth whitening is that only a dentist can legally prescribe it. Another qualified dental professional can provide it on the dentist’s prescription – a hygienist or hygiene therapist, for example – but you must have a consultation with a dentist first.

Clarence House Dental Care in Watton offers teeth whitening treatment and welcomes new patients for consultations.

There are several reasons that you need to see a dentist for teeth whitening. That way you know that the treatment you receive will be safe, gentle, and legal.

Whilst beauty parlours may offer the treatment and claim it is a cosmetic rather than a dental procedure, the General Dental Council classifies it as dentistry. They have carried out many successful prosecutions against unlicensed prescribers, but it often that requires someone to suffer damage to their teeth, gums, or mouth – don’t let that be you.

Teeth whitening should also only be carried out in a healthy mouth, so your dentist will check for tooth decay and gum disease, and treat them before performing the whitening treatment if necessary.

At Clarence House Dental Care we use the home teeth whitening method. This involves the use of custom-made mouth trays and dental bleaching gel, which gently lifts common stains such as those caused by tea, coffee, or nicotine from the teeth by safely and gently permeating them.

This method takes approximately two weeks to complete, and the results should last for several months.

Teeth whitening can work well as a standalone procedure, or as a complement to other cosmetic dental treatments such as discreet orthodontics.

Your teeth are unlikely to return to their original stained condition, but you should practise excellent dental hygiene, including visiting the hygienist for a professional scale and polish every three months to ensure your smile stays bright and white.

Clarence House Dental Care offers direct access hygiene appointments, meaning you can see the hygienist without having to visit the dentist first.

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