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Swap Your Loose Dentures for Strong and Stable Teeth

Having to wear dentures can be tiresome for many people, particularly as after just a few years of use they may begin to feel uncomfortable. It is a real problem as your jawbone continues to change shape once natural teeth are extracted. Initially, when your teeth are first removed by our dentist in South Benfleet, the bony ridge that used to hold them will be quite large and wide, but after a few years you will notice it begins to flatten and the ridge becomes narrower. Unfortunately dentures rely on this ridge for retention which is why they use can become so problematic after just a few years.

dental-denturesIf you are fed up of loose dentures and hate using messy denture adhesives then we do have a better solution for you. You can stabilise your loose denture by having just a few dental implants in South Benfleet.

An Affordable Way to Have Strong and Stable Teeth

Using dental implants to stabilise a loose denture is a very affordable way to obtain teeth that feel strong and stable and which will no longer move around. Just imagine all the foods that you will be able to eat and enjoy once again and socialising will become a pleasure without the fear of your dentures moving around. Instead, with implant supported dentures, you can look forward to enjoying the sensation of teeth that are held firmly in place. Often a lower denture can be supported with just four dental implants, while an upper denture might require a slightly larger number to hold it in position.

Suitable for Stabilising Both Upper and Lower Dentures

Generally, lower dentures tend to be more of a problem as their horseshoe design relies solely on the lower arch for retention. With an upper denture the upper palate is covered up which provides significantly more retention. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you choose to replace your upper denture with an implant supported denture, then it will also be constructed in a horseshoe design and will be significantly less bulky as your upper palate will be uncovered. As a side effect of this, you will find food becomes a lot easier to taste properly as your upper palate contains lots of taste buds that will now be uncovered.

Only a Small Surgical Procedure is Needed

The surgical procedure required to insert the implants is very small and our dentist in South Benfleet will have precisely planned the procedure beforehand, making it smoother and quicker for you. There is no need to worry we will leave you without teeth during the healing period, as we can either provide you with a temporary denture to wear while the implants integrate with your jawbone, or it might be possible to adapt your current denture to fit.

Why put up with the misery of loose and uncomfortable dentures any longer? An initial consultation with a dentist here at South Benfleet Dental Care will tell you everything you need to know about this treatment. Call us today on 01268 79348 to book your appointment. You can also read more about dental implants in South Benfleet on our website at

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