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Suffering From Frequent Headaches? Your Dentist May Be Able To Help

If you’re getting headaches on a regular basis or suffering discomfort in your neck or jaw which never seems to go away, then as silly as it sounds you should consider visiting your dentist in Southend. The source of your aches and pain could be related to one or both of the joints which are located on each side of your head, called the temporomandibular (TM) joints. These joints work in conjunction with a complex matrix of ligaments, muscles, and discs which create the different movements for speaking and chewing.

What is TMD?

frequent headachesTMD or temporomandibular disorder is the term for a number of conditions which affect the TM joints, facial nerves, and jaw muscles. People with TMD may experience the following symptoms:

  • Headaches and discomfort in the neck
  • Pain in the jaw when biting, chewing, or yawning
  • Tenderness and pain in and around the ears
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jaw clicks or pops when the mouth is opened
  • Jaw or jaw muscles feel tender
  • Pain in the jaw which is more apparent in the morning or late afternoon

What causes TMD?

The main causes of TMD are arthritis, jaw dislocation or injury, and an improper bite. However other factors such as stress, strenuous physical exercise, and teeth grinding can also aggravate TMD.

How to treat TMD

The first thing is to visit your dentist in Southend to get a proper diagnosis, since things such as sinus problems or toothache can cause similar symptoms. He will examine your face and jaw, take X-rays, and even make impressions of your teeth to see how they’re fitting together. He’ll be able to recommend necessary treatment or may even refer you to a qualified face pain expert.

Treatment may include:

  • Modifying the pain by taking an anti-inflammatory drug such as Ibuprofen and resting the joint.
  • Practising relaxation techniques
  • Wearing a mouth guard at night to prevent teeth grinding
  • Visiting an orthodontist in Southend to correct the alignment of your teeth

If you think you may have the symptoms of TMD then contact Southend Dental Care to receive a proper diagnosis and to learn how you can benefit from TMJ therapy. Call us today on 01702 465000 or contact us online at We’re a private and NHS dentist in Southend dedicated to helping all our patients receive the best possible dental care.

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