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Straight Teeth In Just Six Months? Sounds Too Good to Be True

Our orthodontist team have seen a wide increase in the number of adults enquiring about braces in Basildon and this is all thanks to modern orthodontic treatments and shortened treatment time. No longer are our patients having to resolve themselves to wearing metal braces for up to two years. Instead they can benefit from a wide variety of braces including clear and invisible braces, fast braces, lingual braces, and removable aligners.

teeth straightening in BasildonOne popular method for adults considering teeth straightening in Basildon is a technique known as Six Month Smiles. It’s taken the best aspects of braces and given them a modern twist so that patients can benefit from discreet braces and a short treatment time of anything from as little as six weeks to around, yes you’ve guessed it – six months!

Six Month Smiles is best suited to patients with only a cosmetically crooked smile since it focuses on moving only those teeth that are visible when a patient smiles, rather than concentrating on aligning and improving a patient’s bite. When you visit Felmores Dental Care you’ll be given a comprehensive examination to determine whether Six Month Smiles is suitable for your dental needs and you can rest assured that if traditional orthodontics is deemed more suitable, then our experienced orthodontists will recommend a variety of alternative options to get you the smile you’ve always longed for.

How is Six Month Smiles Different from other braces?

This type of brace uses a specially designed arch wire and applies a continuous but comfortable level of pressure to straighten the front teeth. This means that braces require less tightening and visits to the dentist than with other types of braces. Did we mention that it also uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, so that the brace is barely visible?

Is Six Month Smiles Right For Me?

If you’ve got a big event coming up such as your wedding or a career move and are tired of looking at your crooked smile and want to get your teeth straightened fast, then Six month Smiles could be a good fit for you.

You will need to wear a retainer once treatment has finished to prevent your teeth from moving back to their original positions. However, we offer a variety of types of retainers, including removable and ones that are bonded to your teeth, so it’s good to know you have options.

If you’re considering teeth straightening in Basildon then come and speak to Felmores Dental Care. We offer a wide range of braces to suit all dental needs and budget, so there’s sure to be something that will fit into your lifestyle. Book a consultation online at Or call us direct on 01268 726789.

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