So you live in Southend and you want straight teeth?

Teeth straightening in Southend can be a reality with the Dental Care Group. Our dentists have been trained in a wide variety of teeth straightening procedures and amongst them many branded treatments you may have heard of.

Orthodontics – what is it all about and is it for me?

teeth-straightening-in-southendOrthodontics is the practice of straightening teeth. Simple really! But how to do it? There are a number of options. The traditional way has been to use a wire frame brace and brackets which are bonded to the teeth and use the force in the braces to push the teeth into a straighter shape.However traditional wire frame braces are not the only treatments available. Recent advances have meant that whatever your dental aims, there is an orthodontic solution to fit your budget and your lifestyle.

If you are interested in teeth straightening in Southend, in addition to traditional braces treatments, there are a number of branded treatments available for you to choose from.

Fastbraces – How we improve smiles with fast, affordable braces

We offer the option of Fastbraces at our practice in Southend. Teeth straightening couldn’t be easier with this speedy orthodontic solution. Fastbraces has been around for over 25 years now as an international solution to fixing crooked teeth. If teeth did not erupt properly for any reason, they can remain sideways on, tilted and never turn upright. Fastbraces uses just one square wire to lift both the roots at the beginning of the treatment, and to align the teeth in weeks and months instead of years.

Whereas typical braces may be square in shape and take years to realign teeth, Fastbraces have a triangular shape which increases the distance between the braces themselves, increasing the flexibility of the square wire, leading to a more comfortable experience and allowing the roots to be engaged in the movement from the beginning.

Other braces treatments including Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth

If you are looking for Teeth straightening in Southend, we also offer Invisalign (trusted by over 4 million patients worldwide) and Quick Straight Teeth, which offers a choice of both invisible aligners and traditional style wire braces.

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