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Do you want a perfect smile? Are you one of the millions of adults who are unhappy or self-conscious about your teeth? Many adults spend their lives worrying about their facial aesthetics and covering their mouth when they smile, when they laugh or when they talk.

teeth-straightening-in-SouthendIt is now time to smile more confidently, with straighter teeth. Teeth straightening in Southend treatments has become more popular, due to a number of factors, but the most frequent reason we get for patients wanting to straighten their teeth is to help improve their confidence and to help them smile more freely.

Six Month Smiles

Have you ever felt uncertain or embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth when you smile or laugh? Perhaps you need to work in close proximity to other people or frequently address meetings or groups and find your confidence reduced because you know you have crooked or protruding teeth. Well, all your facial aesthetics woes could come to an end with teeth straightening in Southend.

Six Month Smiles is a new system which originated in the USA and is gaining hugely popularity in the UK. Patients of the Dental Care Group can already take advantage of this for their teeth straightening in Southend.

Six Month Smiles uses a new type of orthodontic technology which enables teeth to move in a safe, comfortable and functionally effective manner. It concentrates on correcting the aspects that you are particularly concerned about. These are generally involve the front sixteeth and provided you do not need to alter your bite significantly, you will gain an excellent result in a surprisingly short time.

Treatment times can take between four and nine months, but the average is just six months. What’s more, this revolutionary system doesn’t achieve quicker results by tightening braces to speed up movement as you might think. It will still be necessary to wear a retainer but Six Month Smiles makes use of special nickel titanium wires that are barely visible and the same colour as your teeth. Low force is used so that your teeth will move comfortably, also reducing the risk of any damage to roots or gums to a much lower level than might be the case with traditional brace methods.

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