Reveal the beauty of your smile

Do you ever stop yourself from smiling? Are you worried about how your teeth look?

There are a range of treatments available that could help you feel more confident in your teeth and ready to display the natural beauty of your smile.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-southendAt the Dental Care Group in Southend, we carry out a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, from porcelain veneers to teeth whitening. Creating a better smile is no longer the preserve of the Hollywood elite and there are many people who could benefit from Cosmetic dentistry in Southend.

Feel confident

We find that modern dentistry is no longer just about addressing the medical issues that patients present with. Increasingly, awareness of the psychological aspect of care is just as much of a part of  our dental work.

A key part of self-esteem is having a smile you can be proud of. Anyone who works in a customer-facing profession or does a lot of public speaking could feel more confident after teeth whitening and straightening work.

And also there are those who simply feel embarrassed by their teeth in Southend. Cosmetic dentistry can provide a confidence boost. At the Dental Care Group we see a range of patients for cosmetic work.

Choose the right method for you

We carry out many different procedures, including:

  • Teeth straightening – this uses an invisible brace so there is no unsightly affect on your smile while the treatment is taking place. It is also quicker than traditional braces, taking 6-18 months to produce a result
  • White fillings – replaces metal and amalgam fillings with more aesthetically pleasing white coloured ones.
  • Porcelain veneers – simple and easy way to create a better smile. Veneers fit on top of your existing tooth to fill in gaps and create extra length.
  • Teeth whitening – addresses the staining of teeth with a safe, simple way of reducing the appearance of discolouration.
  • Inlays and onlays – previously made from gold, these fillings are now made from hard-wearing white porcelain to improve the natural appearance of your teeth.

If you feel concerned about the state of your smile, find us in the town centre and discover how Cosmetic dentistry in Southend could bring a transformation in your life.

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