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Replacing Missing Teeth with the Latest Dental Implants

Lots of adults in the UK are missing at least one tooth while many have had multiple or all their teeth extracted. Tooth loss is a real problem and can greatly affect self-confidence and self-esteem and the ability to eat and talk properly. It can make it difficult to socialise, particularly at mealtimes and having to stick to a softer and perhaps less nutritious diet can impair general health. If you are bothered by tooth loss or know you will need teeth extracted in the near future then we have a possible solution for you.

A Long-Term Solution for Tooth Loss

dentalcaregroup_harrow-dental-implantsHarrow dental implants are a tried and tested solution for tooth loss and have been safely used for decades. Here at Imperial Dental Care we only use the highest quality dental implants systems combined with the latest diagnostic technology to accurately plan and place the implants. With this amount of care, your implants will have a great chance of long-term success, provided of course you look after them properly at home. This innovative and long-lasting treatment has already helped many people worldwide and it’s quite likely it could work well for you.

Teeth That Will Feel Just like Your Own

We have dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth or even all the teeth in your mouth. Using the latest technologies, our Harrow dentist can supply full arches of teeth that are supported by dental implants. Imagine having the sensation of teeth that feel completely natural. If you currently find it difficult to eat certain foods, you can look forward to a far greater choice, making good nutrition that much easier. Every implant tooth is designed to look completely natural using the very latest materials including porcelains that look incredibly lifelike.

Meticulously Planned Treatment and All the Support You Need

Dental implants do require a small amount of oral surgery to insert the implant posts into just the right position. There is no need to worry about this procedure as it is relatively quick. We will ensure it is completely comfortable for you and can provide additional sedation if you feel this will help. We take an extensive amount of time planning each surgery behind-the-scenes, using the results of diagnostic technology to carefully assess your jawbone so when the time comes for you to visit us for your dental implants, you can be sure that the process will be smooth and trouble-free. Afterwards we can provide you with all the information you need to look after your dental implants as they heal. We can also supply temporary teeth to wear until your Harrow dental implants are ready to support your new implant teeth.

This treatment does take a little longer to complete than alternative choices for tooth replacement such as bridges or dentures, but it’s worth bearing in mind the potential longevity of your dental implants that can make them extremely cost-effective in the longer term. If you would like to find out more about Harrow dental implants or are ready to book your first consultation, call us on 020 8427 2264.

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