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Replacing a Missing Tooth with a Bridge or an Implant: Which Is Best?

If you are faced with tooth loss then you will find your dentist in South Benfleet will strongly encourage you to replace any missing tooth as soon as possible, even a single tooth that isn’t immediately visible when you smile. Popular options include using a dental bridge and nowadays an increasing number of people are choosing to have a dental implant. But which is best and why?

Advantages of Choosing a Dental Bridge

dental implant in South BenfleetA dental bridge is a very easy and quite non-invasive way to replace a missing tooth. Treatment can often be completed within just a couple of weeks and the results can look pretty good. We find some patients prefer this method of treatment as it is quick and affordable and the problem of having a missing tooth is dealt with, with minimal fuss. To make a dental bridge, our dentist will have to carefully shape the teeth adjacent to the gap. This is necessary as these teeth have to be crowned and act as abutment teeth to support the bridge tooth which is called a pontic. The pontic is supported in between the crowns that will be fitted over the abutment teeth to create a strong and stable restoration. This treatment can be good if these abutment teeth could really benefit from being crowned, perhaps if they are already filled or are decayed but still relatively strong, or if their appearance could do with being improved. We may suggest you think about a dental implant if these teeth are perfectly healthy as grinding them down may increase the risk of infection and decay in the future.

Advantages of Choosing a Dental Implant

The advantage of choosing a dental implant in South Benfleet is that it is self-supporting and we will not need to make any changes to your existing teeth. Instead, a small titanium post is inserted into the jawbone and is used to support the implant crown. Another advantage of this titanium post is that it very closely replicates a natural tooth root which is important for the health of your jawbone.

When any natural tooth is removed then a certain amount of bone resorption will occur as the tooth root supplies stimulation to the bone, ensuring it remains healthy. The implant post acts in a very similar manner and will bond very strongly with the surrounding bone so it stays strong and healthy. Another advantage of choosing a dental implant is that the final implant crown will look amazingly natural. Unlike a pontic or bridge tooth, it will emerge naturally from your gums rather than just sitting on them.

We realise deciding whether to have a dental implant is quite big decision to make but you will find that we can offer you all the information you need about dental implants in South Benfleet so you can make an informed choice about your treatment. It’s true that dental implants to take a little longer to complete as the implant post has to spend several months bonding with your jawbone before it can be restored with the implant crown. However once in place, treatment can be extremely long-lasting and ultimately can be more cost-effective.

If you would like to discuss these options with our dentist then why not make an appointment to visit South Benfleet Dental Care? Contact us on 01268 793485.

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