Reasons Why Preventative Dentistry is Best

Have you recently received a reminder from your dentist in Watton that it is time for your regular check-up and hygiene appointment? We know it’s very easy to ignore but there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t.

Enjoy Better Dental Health All Year Round

preventative dentistryFor a start, a full check-up and hygiene appointments should take around an hour to complete which isn’t much time to spend protecting your dental health every six months or so. Hopefully, with proper dental care this will be all that you need to do to ensure your teeth look their best in between appointments and that they remain strong and healthy.

Preventative Dentistry Can Save You Money

However, if our dentist in Watton does find anything wrong, it should be at a stage where treatment is easily provided and is likely to be a matter of renewing an old and leaky filling or another restoration that has gone past its sell-by date. This is the most effective way of ensuring your dental bills remain as low as possible and it can be much cheaper than waiting until a tooth becomes badly infected, by which stage our dentist in Watton would have to carry out root canal treatment or could possibly need to remove the tooth completely. This could leave you with costly restorative bills or even having to replace the tooth.

Reduce Your Risk of Dental Emergencies

By picking up any small problems at an early stage, we hope to reduce your risk of dental emergencies. You’ll be far less likely to develop toothache or other dental problems and this is well worthwhile as you can guarantee dental emergencies never occur at a convenient time.

Keep Your Smile Looking Its Best at All Times

Regular dental checks combined with oral hygiene appointments are a great way to ensure your teeth and gums are always well maintained. Our oral hygiene appointments are particularly important for removing hardened plaque, a substance called tartar from your teeth. Tartar can often look quite yellow, making it appear if your teeth are stained. At the same time your teeth will be gently polished which is a great treatment for removing some small surface stains. Most people will notice their smile looks a bit brighter after an oral hygiene treatment and it’s also a good way to get nice fresh breath.

Protect Your General Health

Looking after your teeth and gums helps protect your general health. This is because your oral health and overall health are very closely linked and numerous clinical studies have been conducted into the way one can affect the other. Gum disease is a particular issue that has been linked to numerous other diseases and can worsen existing health conditions or increase your risk of developing them.

Get Great Oral Health Advice from Our Friendly Dental Team

Everyone here at Clarence a House Dental Care is passionate about preventative dentistry and we love teaching patients the best way to look after their teeth and gums at home. When you visit our hygienist, they can point out any areas of your mouth you might be missing and can give you lots of advice on how to improve your brushing and flossing routine. If you ever want any help then please just ask us.

Do you need a dental check-up? Why not contact Clarence House Dental Care on 01953 882777 to see an NHS dentist in Watton or a private dentist.

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