Summer’s Here And There Are More Reasons Than Ever To Consider Teeth Whitening

Home Teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular due in part to cosmetic treatments such as this becoming more affordable and because of the increased awareness of the many social and career benefits of a gleaming, healthy smile.

We’ve already discussed in earlier blogs about how important it is to steer clear of cheap home whitening kits that you can buy over the counter and instead seek professional help from your dentist to achieve the best results. There are many reasons a person may be looking to have their teeth whitened this Summer, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular:

Escape to the sun

For many people the arrival of summer means they can look forward to their annual holiday abroad in the sun. Preparations for this eagerly awaited break include a new bikini, maxi dress, oh…. and fresh white teeth to offset a golden tan.

Remove stains from al fresco dining

Summer goes hand in hand with al fresco dining and barbecues. Hot temperatures usually involve drinking more beer, fizzy drinks and even the odd glass of sangria to help keep you cool. All of this can lead to your teeth becoming more stained. Once the summer season comes to an end you may want to look at rectifying this by getting your teeth professionally cleaned and considering teeth whitening.

Graduation celebration

Summer months also mark the graduation season and this is sure to involve a photo of your graduation day to go proudly on display on your mantle piece, as well as countless photos circulating online, as you share your special moment with friends and family.

You’ll want to look your very best as you celebrate the results of years of hard work in order to achieve your degree. Thanks to power whitening or home teeth whitening treatments from your nearest Together Dental practice, it’s easier than ever to fit in whitening your teeth before your big day.

Summer Wedding Smiles 

Summer is also a popular time of the year for couples to get married. Who knows, perhaps you’re getting married too this Summer? If so, you might want to consider summer teeth whitening so that you feel and look your best in all of your wedding photos. With our home teeth whitening taking little more than an hour from start to finish, it’s easily slotted into a busy schedule.

Home teeth whitening promotion 

For a limited time only, receive home teeth whitening for just £299 from 1st June to 31st July 2023. 

Our professional home teeth whitening is straight-forward and a safe procedure.

You will receive a custom made set of trays that fit over your teeth comfortably. The active teeth whitening gel is placed into the trays and fitted onto your teeth.

To book now, call us today on 0333 032 9339 or click the link here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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