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Reasons To Avoid Cheap Home Tooth Whitening Kits

If you’ve still to take your annual holiday in the sun then along with trying to lose a few pounds so that you look good in your new bikini you may also be considering teeth whitening in Clacton to complement your glowing summer tan. It’s at times like these when you may consider buying a cheap home tooth whitening kit online or from your local supermarket.

teeth whitening in ClactonAlthough these kits all promise great results and whiter than white teeth in no time at all, it really is best to seek the advise of your Clacton dentist first and, if necessary purchase one of their professional home tooth whitening kits. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to avoid cheap and cheerful home tooth whitening kits:

  • You won’t get the look you’re hoping for – It’s virtually impossible for home tooth whitening kits to deliver the same quality finish that you get after having a professional cosmetic treatment from your dentist. Often the results can be patchy and uneven. A professional home whitening kit is the perfect option since the mould fits perfectly around your teeth and if you opt for a power whitening treatment such as the Zoom system which we use, you’ll see brilliant results in just one hour.
  • Can damage your teeth – Cheap home tooth whitening kits can damage your teeth, especially the protective enamel surface. Because they require more applications to bleach your teeth to a lighter shade this means that the enamel is exposed to the bleach or gel for a greater period of time. This can weaken it and make it more permeable and this may irritate or damage your nerves in the long run. Misuse of these kits can lead to you experiencing a lot of pain and needing to have teeth removed and replaced.
  • Purely aesthetic – Whitening your teeth is purely an aesthetic solution to teeth that are discoloured or slightly stained. They are not a treatment for restoring teeth that have visible fillings, cracks, or other dental issues. If you have problems with damaged or decayed teeth then you may need to consider an alternative cosmetic solution such as porcelain veneers which will hide any damage or fillings and give you a permanent white smile.
  • Standard mouth guards – Our final reason for you avoiding these cheap home teeth whitening kits is that many of them contain a generic size of bleaching tray which can cause the bleaching gel to leak out blistering your mouth, gums, and lips. Dentists, on the other hand, provide you with a custom fit tray that moulds to your mouth so that the gel stays where it should.

No matter what reason you’re considering teeth whitening in Clacton we hope that we’ve convinced you to leave it to the professionals. Here at Clacton Dental Care we offer two types of teeth whitening: Zoom power whitening for speedy results which you can achieve in your lunch break, or a Zoom home tooth whitening kit which will give you great results in around two weeks. Why not give us a call on 01255 221001 or book an appointment via our website at Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton will put a smile on your face.

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