Ravinder shares her Invisalign story

Ravinder shares her Invisalign story

“Invisalign has changed my life. I have my confidence back to smile again”


What prompted you to get the treatment?

The reason I decided to do Invisalign was because I was very unhappy with my smile and has lost my confidence. I wanted to do something that was quick and unnoticeable so felt that Invisalign was right for me.

What can you tell us about the treatment?

The Invisalign treatment itself was virtually pain free and only lasted 6 months. In that time I found it had no impact on my everyday life. It was barely noticeable and I only needed to take them out when I was eating and drinking.

How do you care for your teeth now you’ve had the treatment?

I make sure I maintain regular review appointments with the dentist that carried out my treatment. I also continue to wear my retainers at night.

What has having the treatment meant to you?

Invisalign has changed my life. I have my confidence back to smile again and I get so many compliments on how great my teeth look now.

Would you recommend Together Dental to a friend?

I would definitely recommend Together Dental as they are thorough and accommodating start to finish!


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