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Protect Your Well-being

Protect Your Well-being

The impact of the coronavirus and the need for social distancing can take its toll on our sense of wellbeing. The following simple steps can help us stay calm, positive and healthy whilst working at home:

  1. Manage negative thoughts – Try distraction techniques – make a cup of tea, focus on the view out of the window, do chores, stroke a pet, or try breathing exercises.
  2. Reach out and stay connected – Ask friends, family, colleagues or your line manager for support. Reach out to the lonely.
  3. Maintain key appointments – If you already access counselling, services may still be offered remotely, so keep appointments where possible.
  4. Practice mindfulness – There are several posts/apps/links online with guides on meditation, sleep and movement exercises.
  5. Establish a routine – If you are working from home. set a start and end time too your day and take regular breaks. Keep your routine – no matter where you are working.
  6. Set up a workstation – Make sure you have appropriate back support and footrest, with screens and keyboards well positioned. Use the ‘DSE risk assessment’ link –
  7. Don’t spend all your time in one room – Move around your space for a change of scene.
  8. Eat a nutritious diet and stay active – Poor diet impacts both mental and physical health, so plan healthy meals and snacks. Sport England has tips and exercise ideas. Follow #StayInWorkout on twitter.
  9. Keep busy – Avoiding spending all your time in front of the TV, read books, catch up on life admin, have a clear out or get in touch with old friends.
  10. Get good sleep – Be consistent with bedtime and getting up, avoid large meals in the evening, don’t stay in bed late or take too many naps.
  11. Let in light and fresh air – If you have a garden spend as much time as you can outside in nature.


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