Preventative Dentistry Can Save You Time and Money

We know lots of people only visit a dentist in South Benfleet when they have a problem, but by this stage it’s likely they are feeling some sort of unpleasant symptom which may be tooth sensitivity or a nagging feeling that something is wrong or even worse, toothache. While we can provide dental care to get rid of these problems, it’s generally the case that coming to see us earlier would have prevented the problem from arising in the first place or could have meant it was more easily and more cheaply treated.

emergency dentist in South BenfleetThis is why we are so committed towards providing good preventative dentistry for all our patients as we know this is the best way to prevent any dental problems from developing in the first place and it’s a great way to minimise your risk of needing to see an emergency dentist in South Benfleet. For most people, this will mean coming to see us every six months and we highly recommend you have a hygiene appointment at the same time.

How Regular Check-Ups Help Your Dental Health

During each check-up, your dentist in South Benfleet will thoroughly examine your teeth, checking each tooth surface for any signs of pits or lesions which could indicate the beginnings of a cavity. If they find anything, then cavities can quickly and easily be filled, before you have any symptoms that anything is wrong.

Your dentist will also use a special periodontal probe to check the condition of your gums. This measures the depths of any pockets around your teeth. Pockets can develop if your gums are infected as this causes the gums to begin pulling away from the teeth, creating gaps or pockets that are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Healthy gums have pockets of no more than 3mm and a depth any greater than this can be cause for concern.

Gum health is extremely important, not only because gum disease can cause tooth loss, but because of the way this condition can affect general health. Gum disease has increasingly been linked to a number of major health conditions which include certain cancers and heart disease and diabetes. If we think you have any signs of gum disease then we will recommend the most suitable treatments to hopefully eradicate this condition completely. It’s impossible to get rid of gum disease if it’s diagnosed early in the day but otherwise it can turn into a chronic condition that can only be managed and kept under control.

Hygiene Appointments

Even if you can’t get see a dentist, you can still make an appointment to see our hygienist to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned. This is an excellent and very easy way to keep your gums healthy. You’ll also find hygienists are a valuable source of information on dental care. They can point out any areas you might be missing when brushing and flossing and can show you how to make your home care routine more effective. Whether you are interested in a private dentist or an NHS dentist in South Benfleet, we can help.

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