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Preventative Dentistry and How It Could Help You

Do you have a good preventative dental care plan? It’s easier than you think. Preventative dentistry simply involves visiting your dentist in Watton at regular intervals, usually every six months for a comprehensive checkup. At the same time it’s best to book an appointment with a hygienist at Clarence House Dental Care so you can get everything over and done with in one easy appointment.

So Why Are Regular Check-ups so Important?

emergency dentist in WattonThey are the easiest way for any small problems such as signs of tooth decay or the very first signs of gum disease to be picked up as soon as possible, hopefully long before you experience any symptoms or discomfort. At this stage a small cavity can be easily and cheaply filled while still preserving most of the tooth. This is much easier than waiting until a problem develops, by which stage you’re likely to be in pain and will need to find a good emergency dentist in Watton.

Regular Mouth Cancer Screenings

Regular mouth cancer screenings are another important part of your checkup. During your oral cancer screening your dentist will carefully examine all the tissues inside your mouth. They are looking for any tiny changes to the colour and texture of these tissues and any unexplained lumps, bumps or sore patches that don’t seem to hear up very easily. Your dentist might also gently manipulate your neck to check your lymph glands. This screening is quick and non-invasive and you have probably had it before but maybe not even realised what they are checking for. It’s such an important test, especially as your dentist is likely to be the only medical professional who regularly looks inside your mouth. Mouth cancer rates are on the increase and the prognosis is far better if this condition is detected early on.

Oral Hygiene Appointments

An appointment with a hygienist is a great way to brighten up your smile but has a far more important function. Your hygienist will scale and polish your teeth, removing hardened calculus that could otherwise increase your risk of gum disease. Calculus consists of plaque bacteria and it releases toxins that inflame and infect your gums. Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in the world, but it’s also been linked to many serious health conditions as a healthy mouth and a healthy body are closely connected.

Once your hygienist has scaled your teeth, they’ll gently polish them, a process that can help make them look a bit whiter as it removes some surface stains. Your hygienist is also the person to ask if you need any help with your dental care at home or if you have any specific questions on how to floss or brush a bit more effectively.

Preventative dentistry really isn’t that difficult and once your teeth and gums are healthy then you’ll only need to spend a few minutes each day maintaining them. It’s a much more cost-effective way to look after your teeth and we’d much prefer to see you enjoy good dental health then for you to have to visit our emergency dentist in Watton.

Are you overdue for your check-up? Call us now to book on 01953 882777.

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