Polish up your smile for Christmas

Any day now, you are going to be out every single night celebrating the festive season with colleagues and friends. Christmas goes on for weeks these days and at the Dental Care Group in Southend, we want you to be at your brightest and best for the festive season.

teeth-whitening-in-southendOne way you can make sure you shine is by investing in a quick treatment using cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and best value ways to brighten up your smile so that you can enjoy yourself even more when you are partying and dining out.

Here in Southend, cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening couldn’t be easier. You pop into us for a whitening kit and then carry out the treatment at your leisure at home, over a few weeks. So now is the perfect time to get started on teeth whitening for a Christmas smile to match the snowy season.

In Southend, cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening kits are from a brand called Pola, which costs £350, and contains two active ingredients. The first is the whitening agent, which is carbamide peroxide. This breaks down into 3% hydrogen peroxide (and urea), which is the bleaching agent. Along with this, the gel also contains amorphous calcium phosphate, a special ingredient to reduce sensitivity, protect the tooth enamel and enhance the pearliness of your teeth.

You just fill the special tray with the required amount of gel and pop it over your teeth, and wear it for at least a couple of hours. In Southend, cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening works best if you wear the tray overnight, which is what we recommend.

The colour your teeth will lighten to depends on the colour of the staining or discolouration to start with. We find that cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening in Southend works best on teeth that are yellow or brown at the start, rather than grey. However, this does not mean that greyish teeth cannot be improved by teeth whitening.

To find out more, why not pop in for a free consultation? We are in the town centre and would love to chat with you about how we can help you.

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