Our top 5 smiles in the England team

Our top 5 smiles in the England team

As we wind up to a glorious night in Rome for the Euros we thought we would take a closer look at our England squad smiles that make them shine on and off the pitch. These footballers may not have always had perfect teeth, but there is no doubt these world-class sportsmen have adopted good oral health routines, with some having enhanced their smiles with cosmetic treatments. These treatments could be anything from composite bonding, Invisalign and veneers, or simply teeth whitening.

Having a bright, sparkling smile we are sure must have a reflection on confidence and performance on the pitch.

Here are our top 5 England squad smiles.

  • Raheem Sterling, England Forward

Current Club: Manchester City FC

Image source: British GQ, getty images
  • Ben Chilwell, England Defender

Current Club: Chelsea FC

Image source: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC/Getty Images
  • Tyrone Mings, England Defender

Current Club: Aston Villa FC

Image source: Express and star
  • Luke Shaw, England Defender

Current Club: Manchester United FC

Image source: Manutd
  • Marcus Rashford, England Forward

Current club: Manchester United FC

Image source: Sky Sports

We are wishing the England team good luck for Saturday and we look forward to seeing your pearly whites shine bright on the pitch. We hear it’s coming home!

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