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Orthodontics in South Benfleet: Not Just for Children

Did you miss out on the chance to have orthodontics as a child? If so you might have assumed it’s too late to straighten your teeth, particularly as many of us remember braces as being highly visible “train tracks.” The thought of wearing metal braces can be extremely unappealing to adults, particularly for anyone who needs to talk to clients or customers for their career, but luckily there is a solution.

Today’s Braces Are Virtually Invisible

teeth straightening in South BenfleetNowadays there is no need to wear highly visible fixed braces as thankfully technology has advanced. One particularly popular treatment is to wear invisible braces using a clear appliance that can sometimes be removable. Removable orthodontics tends to consist of clear plastic aligners that fit tightly over the teeth, gradually moving them into the correct positions. Fixed braces can have clear ceramic brackets and extremely thin wires that are very difficult to detect. While the option of removable aligners may sound most appealing, sometimes fixed braces can offer better results and they are working constantly to move the teeth.

Cosmetic Braces Can Work Amazingly Fast

The use of modern technology often means that we can carry out teeth straightening in South Benfleet quite quickly, depending on the degree of orthodontic problems requiring correction. If you have only a few wonky teeth or perhaps a minor problem with overlapping or crowded teeth, then you may be able to use what’s called a cosmetic brace that works by straightening the teeth that are visible whenever you smile or talk. These braces are not suitable for correcting extensive orthodontic problems with the way teeth bite together, but can prove to be a good solution when only a few teeth require correction. We may suggest cosmetic braces as part of a smile makeover, as often this can help correct teeth that are slightly protrusive, and is a better solution than perhaps crowning or veneering these teeth.

You Could Benefit from Better Dental Health

If you have teeth that are substantially crooked or out of alignment then this can cause problems with your dental health. Teeth that bite together unevenly tend to wear down unevenly and are more likely to require repairing. If you have teeth that are overcrowded then you probably struggle to fit a piece of floss in between them and it can be awkward to get a toothbrush into all the nooks and crannies. Once they are straightened you’ll find they are much easier to keep clean and that your risk of tooth decay and gum disease could be reduced.

How to Find More about Teeth Straightening in South Benfleet

If you are interested in finding out about all the options for teeth straightening then please contact South Benfleet Dental Care for a consultation on 01268 793485. An examination will determine if you are suitable for braces in South Benfleet. Generally anyone with strong and healthy teeth will be able to wear braces. Once we have examined your teeth then we will recommend the brace we feel will provide the best results. We will also discuss the overall length of treatment and what to expect while wearing your brace.

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