Teeth Straightening Doesn’t Have To Take An Age to Complete

If your teeth are overcrowded or crooked or if they don’t bite together correctly then you might have considered teeth straightening in Ladbroke Grove. However straightening your teeth will take many months or even a year or more, or will it? These days you will find our dentist in Ladbroke Grove can often straighten your teeth more quickly than you ever thought possible. This is because orthodontic technologies have advanced considerably over the past few years, making ugly and highly visible braces a thing of the past. Instead, you can have your teeth nearly invisibly straightened using the very latest braces that are specially designed to produce fast results in a way that is very comfortable and safe. So where do you start?


Finding out How Teeth Straightening Treatment Could Help You

The first step is to book a consultation with our dentist in Ladbroke Grove. You will need to have your teeth and jaws examined so our dentist can see the problems requiring correction. After your dental examination, we can discuss possible options to help you. You will learn the length of time required to straighten your teeth and what to expect during treatment. Our practice offers several different braces that can be highly effective. These include Six Months Smiles and another system called Fastbraces. We also offer a more cosmetically oriented brace which is called an Inman Aligner.

Some people will only need a few months to straighten their teeth while more complicated problems could take up to a year. The systems we have chosen to use offer reliable and predictable results and once treatment is completed you could find your teeth are easier to look after. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth as it is easier to brush and floss them, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Why Choose a Fixed Brace?

Removable aligners are often a popular option, but we frequently suggest that our patients consider wearing a fixed brace. There is no need to worry as the options on offer use discreet tooth coloured or clear brackets that are attached to very thin and often tooth colouredwires. The overall effect is virtually invisible. The main reason we might suggest you consider fixed braces in Ladbroke Grove is because of the results that can be achieved. A fixed brace can move teeth in a way that is extremely precise, producing excellent results, particularly for more complicated teeth straightening problems. Another thing to think about is that fixed braces are working continuously to straighten your teeth, allowing you to get better results more quickly.

One option that we do offer and which is removable is the Inman Aligner. This is a cosmetically oriented brace that is great for correcting small problems with the alignment of your front teeth. The Inman Aligner works amazingly quickly, with the results often visible within just a few weeks or months.

To find out more about teeth straightening in Ladbroke Grove, why not contact Ladbroke Grove Dental Care? Call us today on 020 7727 9836 or take a look at our website. You will find lots of information about orthodontics on www.LadbrokeGrovedentalcare.co.uk.

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