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Nervous about Dental Care? Ask Us about Sedation Dentistry

A fear or phobia of visiting the dentist is a very common issue and is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. Our dentist in Basildon is accustomed to helping nervous people receive dental treatment and we do take a very gentle and sympathetic approach towards anyone with dental fears.

sedation dentistryWhen you first contact Felmores Dental Care to book a consultation with one of our dentists, it is worth having a quick chat with our friendly reception team just to let us know you find it uncomfortable being in a dental practice. This way, we can answer any questions you might have over the phone and we can let our dental team know you would appreciate some help with your dental fears. If it has been a while since you last visited a dentist then you should be in for a pleasant surprise as modern dentistry is quite different these days. For a start, our dental practice has been designed to be a warm and welcoming place for people to visit and we are all very easy to talk to so please feel free to ask for help.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Nervous Patients

We have two different types of sedation dentistry that can be very helpful in enabling nervous patients to sit back and relax. You might already be familiar with the first form of sedation as it is nitrous oxide or laughing gas and is a very gentle and safe way to feel more at ease. All you have to do is breathe in the gas through a small and comfortable mask that will fit over your nose. The gas only takes a few seconds to take effect and will make you feel much more peaceful and relaxed while you receive dental care from our dentist in Basildon, while you will still be awake and aware of what is happening around you. The nice thing about laughing gas is that it is soon eliminated from the body so you will be able to take yourself home after treatment.

The second form of sedation dentistry is ideal for anyone who is extremely nervous and who would rather remember little, if anything about their appointment. It can also be a good idea for anyone who needs quite a bit of treatment as we can carry out more work in just one comfortable and slightly longer appointment. During this form of sedation dentistry, the sedative is injected intravenously. There is no need to worry as we will ensure you are kept safe and are continually monitored during treatment and our dental team has been specially trained to safely use this method of sedation. You will be able to communicate with us during treatment but will feel very sleepy and relaxed. Once the sedative has worn off, you are unlikely to remember anything about the appointment, but you will need someone to take you home and to stay with you until the effects have completely worn off.

Using a combination of gentle and sympathetic dental care, combined with safe dental sedatives, our dentist in Basildon is confident they can soon get you smiling again, hopefully reducing your dental anxieties at the same time. Call us on 01268 726789 if you would like to know more about sedation dentistry.

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