Myths About Braces

We are here to bust some Myths About Braces. If your teeth are crooked or you’re suffering from a bad bite, then you would certainly benefit from visiting an orthodontist in Basildon. However, we know from experience that there are many myths surrounding braces, so we thought we’d dispel a few of the most common ones in this post.

Braces have come on in leaps and bounds within the last few years with the introduction of computer aided dental technology, 3D imagery, and braces which are virtually invisible. So let’s take a look at four of the most common misconceptions:

Only children and teenagers wear braces

Most of us think of braces as those metal track style braces which awkward teenagers wore at school and although NHS treatment is only free to the under 18’s you can benefit from private orthodontic care at any age. We’re finding that more adults than ever before are enquiring about rectifying their crooked teeth in Basildon and that’s probably because today’s braces are a million years away from how many of us remember them.

I’ll have to wear braces for years?

This isn’t necessarily the case. Most orthodontics treatment takes around 18 months to complete (and believe us, it’s worth being patient), however, minor adjustments such as overcrowding can often be treated in a little as a few months using treatments such as Six Month Smiles or Invisalign Aligners.

Braces are ugly and uncomfortable

With dental technology constantly changing, new brace systems are emerging every year which are lighter and more comfortable than ever. Naturally any brace will feel strange at first, but you’ll soon get accustomed to wearing it. As for being ugly, you can take your pick of braces which are so discreet that only you and your dentist will know that you’re wearing them. These include lingual braces which fit behind the front teeth, clear braces which consist of tooth coloured brackets and wire, and transparent aligners which fit over the teeth like a gumshield.

My teeth will remain straight forever after braces

Unfortunately this is not true and as soon as your braces are removed you’re most at risk of your teeth reverting to their original positions. In order for this not to happen it’s necessary to wear a retainer which holds them in position. Most dentists recommend that you wear a retainer for life, whether that be a removable retainer which you wear when you go to bed, or a fixed retainer which is bonded behind your front teeth.

If you’re in need of teeth straightening in Basildon then why not come and speak with experts at Together Dental Basildon to see how we can help you. Whatever your age or dental problem, we’re sure to have a brace to suit your lifestyle. Just think how more confident you’ll feel with a straight even smile. Give us a call today on 01268 726789 to book an appointment.

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