Missing Teeth? Why Dental Implants Are Many People’s First Choice Of Tooth Replacement

As a dentist in North Harrow we’ve seen a large increase in the number of patients seeking dental implants. As a method of replacing missing teeth they offer many benefits over other methods such as dentures and dental bridges. Let’s take a look below:

  • dental implants in North HarrowLook and function like natural teeth – Because dental implants are secured into the jaw to create a permanent fixture, they look, fit, and function in the same way as natural teeth.
  • Protects healthy bone – When a tooth is lost the body absorbs the bone that once held the missing tooth in place. Dental implants consist of a titanium post which is surgically inserted into the jaw bone and this fuses with the surrounding bone, acting like a tooth root and creating a stable platform which can support a prosthetic crown, dentures, or dental bridge. As a result the bone is stimulated and regenerated, retaining the facial structures.
  • Long term solution – Both traditional dentures and dental bridges have a relatively short shelf life, lasting at most little more than 10 years. Dental implants in North Harrow, or elsewhere for that matter, last on average in excess of 15 years and have been known to last for 40 years, provided they are properly care for.
  • Get on with your life – Patients with dental implants can start to enjoy life more without worrying about what their teeth are doing. There’s no worry of dentures slipping and sliding around causing embarrassment, and they don’t affect your speech either. Your smile looks totally natural and your confidence is restored.
  • Eat your favourite foods – Many denture wearers find their diet is dictated by what their teeth will allow them to eat and often find they are limited to soft food. Dental implants allow a patient to bite and chew virtually any type of food and since there is no plastic covering the roof of the mouth, food tastes better.
  • Easy to clean – Implants require caring for in the same way as natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing and, most importantly, regular dental checks to make sure there are no early signs of any problems. No more removing your dentures to soak in a glass of cleaning solution overnight.
  • Predictable tooth replacement method – Dental implants have a high success rate of over 95% and are typically considered more predictable than other forms of tooth replacement, including root canal therapy, removable appliances and bridgework.

If you’d like to learn more information about dental implants and whether they could benefit you, then why not come and speak to the experts at Imperial Dental Care. Together we’ll discuss your best options and put in place a treatment plan to restore your smile. Give us a call today on 020 8427 2264 or book a consultation online at www.imperialdentalcare.co.uk.

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