Make This the Year You Do Away with Loose Dentures

Here at Southend Dental Care we often see patients who are struggling with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. It is a common problem that can develop after just a few years of wearing full dentures. Unfortunately this discomfort is due to changes in the shape of the jawbone so options to improve the fit of dentures are quite limited.

dental-dentureOnce you lose your own teeth then your jawbone will gradually begin to reabsorb, as without the stimulation provided by your tooth roots, old bone cells are no longer renewed which results in the bony arch that used to support your teeth gradually becoming narrower and flatter. This means there is less retention for your denture which is why we often suggest that patients think about having dental implants in Southend.

How Dental Implants Can Stabilise Loose Dentures

By using just a few optimally placed dental implants, our dentist in Southend can successfully stabilise a loose and ill-fitting denture, making discomfort the thing of the past and enabling you to eat and talk far more easily. Implant supported dentures will securely clip onto the dental implants as they will have special attachments on the fitting surface of the denture. This means you can still take the denture out to clean it, but once it is clipped into place then you will no longer have any concerns about moving about and as it will no longer be resting on your gums, you should no longer have any sore spots.

Who Can Have Implant Supported Dentures?

Our dentist in Southend does assess everyone interested in dental implants extremely carefully as we want to make sure this treatment is the best possible option for you. When you come to visit our dental practice to find out more, we will want to know about your medical history and after examining your mouth we will need to take various diagnostic images that may include x-rays and a CT scan. All this information is used to assess the available bone in your mouth into which the implants can be inserted. We need to know your medical history just in case you have any health issues that may affect the success of treatment.

The good news is that most people are highly suitable for dental implants but there are a couple of common conditions that can affect this treatment and which include smoking and diabetes. If you do smoke then we strongly advise you quit before having dental implants as it does slow down healing, increasing the risk of implant failure. If you are diabetic then you may still be suitable for dental implants in Southend as it all depends on how well your diabetes is controlled.

We have found dental implant treatment to be highly successful and if you do struggle with loose dentures then it can greatly improve your quality of life. As just a few dental implants are normally required, treatment is often highly affordable and when properly cared for your dental implants should last for many years. If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants in Southend, call us today on 01702 465000.

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