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Looking for a Great NHS Dentist in Ladbroke Grove?

We have good news for you, as Ladbroke Grove Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS patients. We believe this service is extremely important for our community as we know access to a good NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove is pretty limited. If you haven’t visited the dentist for a while, now is your opportunity to get your teeth and gums back into good shape, hopefully protecting and preserving your smile for many years to come.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

NHS dentist in Ladbroke GroveYour first appointment with your new NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove will include a comprehensive examination and if required we will take some digital dental x-rays. This information helps us gain a clearer picture of your overall dental health and can show us any areas of concern that are normally hidden from view, for example any tooth decay in contact areas in between your teeth. Using this information will help us determine if you require any dental treatment. If you do, we will discuss the treatment needed and can answer any questions you may have.

We can also scale and polish your teeth at this appointment. This is excellent for helping keep teeth and gums healthy through removing hardened plaque that could otherwise cause tooth decay and gum disease. Your appointment is also your chance to discuss your dental health with us and we can offer advice on the best way to look after your teeth and gums at home.

Advantages of Regular Dental Care

Regular dental check-ups are hugely advantageous as visiting us every six months also enables our dentists to pick up any early signs of diseases, hopefully before they begin to cause you any unpleasant symptoms such as toothache. Early treatment is far more effective than leaving a problem to develop. If you wait until you have a problem before visiting a dentist then it’s much more likely that you will require substantial treatment and sometimes it may not be possible to save a badly infected tooth. Professional dental care can also pick up the early signs of gum disease, an incredibly common condition that can destroy the gums and bones surrounding your teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Good Oral Care Helps Protect Your Overall Health

Over the past few years there have been a significant number of clinical studies carried out into the connection between gum disease and overall health. Gum disease is an inflammatory condition, and it appears it can worsen existing conditions such as diabetes, or may increase your chances of developing serious health problems in the first place. It’s been found that treating gum disease can help improve general health conditions so it’s worth taking care of your teeth and gums and preventing gum disease from developing in the first place. Regular dental care can help you do this and once your teeth and gums are in good condition then it really doesn’t take too much to keep them that way. All you need to do is visit us regularly for your check-ups. At home make sure you brush twice daily and floss once a day, a simple routine that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Contact us on 020 7727 9836 to register with our NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove.

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