Together Dental’s Marketing Director Liz shares her Invisalign journey

Together Dental’s Marketing Director Liz shares her Invisalign journey

When I started on my Invisalign journey we were deep into lockdown and having spent so many hours on long zoom calls, I had spent longer than ever in my life before looking at my own face and teeth.

As a teen I’d had teeth knocked out playing hockey, but this had been fixed many years ago. I just felt that my teeth were slightly crowded, and some were starting to go out of shape. One tooth was starting to become crooked. It felt to me like I had become aware of it all of a sudden. I suppose I was thinking how I could stop my teeth from going further out of shape, should I do something? Was it too drastic to do something like Invisalign.

Partly fuelled by lockdown I was inspired to give it a go. Not going on holiday helped with the cost and I was very happy to find out that you can split payments so it isn’t one large payment which was very helpful.

After only 6 months my teeth are transformed – my smile is much more even and my teeth feel and look so much straighter. My smile confidence is restored!

I can honestly say that at times I forgot that I was wearing Invisalign braces at all. I didn’t know how it worked before and I was amazed at how intricate the process is, and how involved my dentist was throughout the process.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works by making very slow and tiny changes. At first my dentist took a detailed 3D scan of the inside of my mouth. It builds up a full and credible picture of the teeth. From this scene he dentist is able to create a journey of tiny changes in the mouth taking your teeth to where they want to be. Every few weeks or once a month I would get a new brace which would subtly move teeth ever so gently into their new position. Over time, moving through the different braces my teeth were realigned. It felt like a natural process where the teeth themselves move so I know that they are happily in their new position.

By the way, no one ever noticed that I was wearing braces almost the whole time. I took them out to eat but mostly they were in the entire time and not one person even noticed!

I’m really happy and I’m very impressed with the process and with my new teeth – and I love the new look and it makes me feel so confident. Now, back to the zoom calls!

Invisalign Journey


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