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Learn Why Root Canal Therapy is So Great at Saving Teeth

Root canal therapy is one of those procedures that people often feel slightly apprehensive about, but you really shouldn’t and here is why. Root canal therapy is excellent for saving teeth that have become badly infected and before this treatment was developed your dentist in South Benfleet would have had no other option but to remove the tooth. We’d always much rather save your natural teeth and view extraction as being the last possible choice!

How Can Teeth Become Infected?

root canal therapyTeeth can become infected if they become damaged in some way as this allows bacteria to penetrate into the tooth. The damage can occur as a result of trauma, perhaps when a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, or it may be due to tooth decay that hasn’t been treated by a dentist in South Benfleet. When bacteria penetrate a tooth, they can gradually eat away at the dentine that lies directly underneath tooth enamel and which is a lot softer and more easily eroded. Eventually bacteria will reach the very central part of the tooth which is called the pulp and this area contains nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels and it can be pretty painful if it becomes infected.

When to Seek Treatment

Anyone who has toothache in South Benfleet should make an appointment to visit the dentist as soon as they can in case their tooth is infected. There is always a reason for toothache and leaving it to progress could mean the tooth becomes abscessed, at which stage it’s far less likely to be salvageable. With an abscessed tooth, we may need to remove it to clear up the infection. The sooner you seek treatment, the better the prognosis.

What Is the Procedure for Having Root Canal Therapy?

The procedure for having root canal therapy is very straightforward and should be no more uncomfortable than having a filling and is normally conducted using a local anaesthetic. Your dentist in South Benfleet will access the pulp area through the crown of your tooth which is the part exposed in the mouth. They will carefully clean out all the infected pulp tissue and will use specially shaped files to clean out the root canals that extend into your tooth roots. Once they are sure all the infected tissue has been removed, the area will be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned to help prevent further infection.

At this stage we are most likely to place a temporary filling, just to make sure the infection is completely gone so you will need to return to South Benfleet Dental Care at a later date to have the tooth fully restored. It’s very important that you return for this second appointment so the tooth can be permanently filled and restored, most likely with a crown. The idea of placing a crown is to provide maximum protection for the damaged tooth as it will cover up the entire tooth right down to the gum line, preventing bacteria from entering the tooth and causing further infection.

Regular check-ups and hygiene appointments help reduce the risk of tooth infections. If you are overdue for an appointment just give us a call on 01268 793485 so we can book you in with our dentist in South Benfleet.

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