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Learn Why Hygiene Appointments Help Your Dental Health

Whenever you visit our Ladbroke Grove dentist for a check-up then it’s highly likely that we will recommend you book an appointment with our hygienist. You might think this is unnecessary, especially if you are fairly meticulous about brushing and flossing every day, but in fact it is easy way to help keep your teeth and gums in great condition and is well worth your time and small additional cost. Having oral hygiene appointments is one of those things that can help lead to lower dental bills in the future.

dental-hygieneWhat Happens during an Oral Hygiene Appointment?

The main purpose of an oral hygiene appointment is to professionally clean your teeth. Even if you brush thoroughly twice a day and floss once-a-day, it’s still likely that you miss out certain areas of your teeth. This allows plaque bacteria to harden into a substance called tartar which is so hard it can only be scaled or scraped away by a dental professional. The issue with tartar is that it releases toxins which will infect and inflame your gums causing a common condition called gum disease. By removing tartar, we can increase your chances of enjoying healthy and strong gums.

To remove tartar, our hygienist will use special hand tools to gently scrape or scale it away and once all the tartar is removed your teeth will be carefully polished. At the end of this treatment your teeth should have that “just been to the dentist” feeling and will be beautifully smooth when you run your tongue over them. At the same time this treatment is also nice for helping to freshen up your breath.

Get Personalised Tuition on Brushing and Flossing

This isn’t the only thing that will happen during your oral hygiene appointment as our hygienists are expert in teaching people how to look after their teeth and gums at home. Preventative dentistry is something we all take very seriously here at Ladbroke Grove Dental Care and we love showing people new techniques and tools to help improve brushing and flossing. We can also show you which areas of your mouth you may be missing out when you brush or floss so you know what to do at home.

If you have braces or dental implants or bridges then we can also show you how to keep these thoroughly clean and which techniques will work best. Interdental brushes look like tiny Christmas tree shape toothbrushes and are great for cleaning in between tight spaces and around brackets and wires.

Above all, we are here to help you and to answer any questions you might have about your oral health. Our hygienists work closely with our Ladbroke Grove dentist to make sure you maintain good dental health. If you prefer, you can always book an appointment just to see a hygienist as you don’t need to see our dentist at the same time.

To book a hygiene appointment or an appointment with our Ladbroke Grove dentist, please call us on 020 7727 9836.

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