Learn Why Fastbraces Really Are a Quicker Way to Get a Straighter Smile

If you’d love a straighter smile but don’t want to spend many months or even years achieving great results then Fastbraces might be the system for you. Fastbraces uses tried and tested technology, and it has achieved great success worldwide. This is a brace that can be suitable for both children and adults and it’s also extremely discreet as you can opt to have the brace brackets made from a clear ceramic material. As the name suggests, treatment is pretty quick with some people only needing a few months to a year to straighten their smile. This brace is also very versatile and can treat a wide range of different orthodontic problems.

fast-bracesWhat Makes Fastbraces so Good?

Fastbraces is a fixed brace and it can be an advantage choosing to straighten your smile in this way. This is because fixed braces enable your dentist in Clacton to move your teeth with a high degree of precision so that the end result should be a beautifully straight and attractive smile. A fixed brace can be a good option for anyone who has more complicated orthodontic problems and another advantage is that it will be working continuously to straighten your teeth. One problem with removable braces is that sometimes patients forget to wear them or will mislay them, lengthening overall treatment times.

How Does Fastbraces Work?

Conventional braces have square shaped brackets but Fastbraces is very different. Instead it uses a triangular shaped bracket that utilises low forces to move teeth. Unlike ordinary fixed braces where the crown of the tooth is moved first, with the tooth root being moved afterwards, Fastbraces moves both the crown and the tooth root at the same time in a way that is comfortable and gentle. This helps to reduce overall treatment times.

Spend Less Time Wearing a Retainer

With most orthodontic treatments you need to be prepared to wear a retainer just about permanently for a while after your brace is removed. This is essential to make sure the teeth do not drift back into their original positions until they have settled down. Fastbraces is rather different as you will only need to wear a retainer for around 20 minutes each day so it is easy to fit into your schedule and will not disrupt your everyday life.

Finding out More about Teeth Straightening in Clacton

This is only one of the options offered at Clacton Dental Care so if you are interested in finding out more about braces in Clacton, it’s best to book an appointment with our dentist. An initial consultation will determine if Fastbraces are the right choice for you or if there is something that could work a little better. During your consultation our dentist in Clacton will carefully examine your teeth and jaws to assess the problems requiring correction. Afterwards they can chat to you about possible options and can explain exactly how they work.

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