Learn Why Bleeding Gums Could Be a Cause for Concern

If your gums bled last time you brushed or flossed then you might have just disregarded it as being one of those things or maybe you decided not to brush or floss for a bit to let your gums heal up. Unfortunately bleeding gums are often a sign that something is wrong. It is possible that perhaps you brushed a bit too hard, but it’s also likely that your gums are infected and require urgent treatment before this condition worsens.

periodontal-diseaseWhy Do Gums Bleed?

If you use a very hard bristled toothbrush and it’s just possible that you could be brushing your teeth too vigorously, causing your gums to bleed. However if your oral hygiene is not quite at it’s best then it’s possible that bacterial levels in your mouth have increased to such an extent that your gums have become infected. Failing to brush and floss regularly allows bacteria to build up and the problem is that these bacteria produce toxins that infect and inflame your gums. This can quickly lead to the early signs of gum disease which is a condition called gingivitis. At this stage your gums may just look a little bit red or swollen or might feel slightly tender and they may begin to bleed.

Treating Gingivitis

The good thing about gingivitis is that it can be easily treated by our dentist in South Benfleet and is completely curable. Treatment is likely to involve having your teeth professionally cleaned by our hygienist to remove all the plaque bacteria and tartar from your teeth. Getting rid of these toxin producing bacteria gives your gums a good chance to heal. We can also work with you to help improve your oral hygiene routine as it is important to make sure that you thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice a day and you must floss once-a-day even though initially this could be slightly uncomfortable and may well make your gums bleed. It should only be a matter of a few weeks until your gums begin to look healthier and as they become stronger they will cease bleeding. So what happens if you ignore these early symptoms?

Untreated Gingivitis Can Develop into Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an entirely different matter and can become chronic meaning our South Benfleet dentist can only control the symptoms and will not be able to completely eliminate this condition. Periodontal disease is very destructive, leading to gum tissue loss and potentially the loss of bone around your teeth. This can leave your teeth feeling loose and we may have no option but to remove them. Unfortunately periodontal disease can also affect your general health as bacteria in your mouth can get into your body through your bleeding gums.

This is why we urge everyone to come to South Benfleet Dental Care at six monthly intervals for check-ups and professional cleanings with our hygienist. Regular dental care with our South Benfleet dentist can help detect the early signs of gum disease before it can cause permanent damage.

If you woke up with bleeding gums this morning then we urge you to contact us on 01268 793485. Taking action now could save your teeth and your health.

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