Learn More About Invisible Braces and All Their Advantages

If you have been pondering about having orthodontic treatment then one of the things that is likely to concern you is whether or not anybody will be able to see your braces. The good news is that the latest orthodontic technology is virtually invisible so it’s unlikely that most people will be aware you are wearing braces.

invisible-bracesAnother great thing about the very latest generation of braces is that they are specially designed to work very quickly, minimising treatment times. Here at South Benfleet Dental Care we have quite a few “invisible” braces that might be suitable for you. Of course the best way to find out for sure is to book an appointment with our dentist in South Benfleet so that we can properly assess your teeth and jaws to see the kind of orthodontic problems requiring correction. If these issues only affect your front teeth, then you may be suitable for what’s called a cosmetic brace.

Cosmetic Braces Can Work Really Fast

The nice thing about having a cosmetic brace is that it can work within a matter of a few weeks or months because it will only concentrate on moving your front teeth into the correct positions and isn’t designed to correct any substantial problems with your bite. This can be ideal if you perhaps have gaps in between your front teeth or teeth that are slightly protrusive or rotated. One of the braces we offer is called the Inman Aligner and this is a removable appliance that consists of two thin metal bows that are powered by nickel titanium springs. One of the bows will fit inside your front teeth while the other fits on the outside. There is no need to worry as the metal bow is extremely thin and very discreet. The bows are powered by the springs to create a squeezing action on your teeth which is highly effective. If your teeth require more substantial correction then we might suggest you use another of our braces in South Benfleet.

Six Month Smiles

As you might have guessed, Six Months Smiles can straighten your teeth within an average of just six months, although some people might take slightly longer. This is a fixed brace and the advantage of having fixed braces in South Benfleet is that they will be continually working to move your teeth. Additionally, our dentist will be able to plan each tooth movement extremely precisely as fixed braces provide highly predictable results. Another nice thing about this system is the brackets as they are clear coloured and extremely small. Tooth coloured wires are attached to the brackets, creating an overall look that is virtually invisible.


This is yet another option that again uses a fixed brace. With this system the brackets are triangular shaped and utilise advanced technologies to move the crown of your tooth and your tooth root at the same time, enabling our South Benfleet dentist to move your teeth more quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in teeth straightening in South Benfleet, why not give us a call to book a consultation? Phone us on 01268 793485 or if you prefer you can book online at www.SBenfleetdentalcare.co.uk.

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