Learn How Orthodontics Could Help Your Dental Health

If you have been contemplating teeth straightening in Watton then it’s usually to help improve the appearance of your smile which is perfectly understandable and is a great reason for treatment. However, have you considered the fact that braces could help improve your dental health? As well as providing you with a beautifully straight and more attractive smile, your orthodontic treatment could help improve your dental health, reducing your risk of common diseases that include tooth decay and gum disease and making it much easier to look after your teeth and gums.

How Orthodontics Can Help Improve Oral Health

orthodonticsOrthodontics is a treatment that can help straighten up crooked and overlapping teeth or correct problems with your occlusion which is the way teeth bite together. By correcting these problems, you should find it easier to brush and floss and will be able to reach all the surfaces of your teeth without any problems. Treating problems with overlapping teeth will mean your toothbrush can reach a greater surface area and flossing will become a doddle. The same applies if your teeth are currently packed in too tightly as you will be able to slide your dental floss in between your teeth without fear of it getting stuck. Closing up or minimising spaces in between your teeth helps to eliminate food traps. These not only feel very uncomfortable but increase the risk of packed in food causing tooth decay.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Faster and Safer Than Ever before

Over the past few years adult orthodontics has become increasingly popular and the main reason is due to the introduction of much newer and more effective technologies. Nowadays your orthodontic treatment could be faster than you ever thought possible and it is much more comfortable and safer than ever before. Here at Clarence House Dental Care, we use a system called Fastbraces.

This is a fixed brace and there is a reason why our orthodontist in Watton has chosen to use this system. By using fixed braces, we can reposition your teeth extremely accurately. This particular system uses triangular shaped, high-performance brackets that move both the crown of the tooth and the tooth root at the same time, right from the moment the braces are first fitted. This helps to speed up treatment times while reducing tooth sensitivity. Your treatment time can now be measured in weeks or just months.

Who Can Benefit from This Brace?

The really nice thing about these braces in Watton is that they can treat many different types of orthodontic problems. If your teeth are severely overcrowded then Fastbraces can help correct them. If your eye teeth or canines are too high up, a problem that can occur if there is insufficient room for them to erupt properly, then we can move them into the correct positions in your dental arch. It can correct all sorts of different bite problems as well as problems with spacing so it is extremely versatile.

If you are interested in finding out more about how braces might help you or wish to make an appointment to see an orthodontist in Watton, then please give us a call to book an appointment on 01953 882777.

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