It’s Not Too Late to Improve Your Smile for Summer

Summer, we hope, will soon be here as the days gradually get lighter and warmer. It’s a time of year when many of us want to look our best, perhaps for summer holidays or special events and of course it is coming up to the wedding season. So is your smile ready for summer? If not, it’s still not too late to take action and cosmetic dentistry in Basildon can help you get the smile you desire. Some treatments are surprisingly quick to complete but can still make the world of difference to your appearance. These include professional teeth whitening treatments and renewing old fillings, crowns and bridges. We find teeth whitening is extremely popular and by opting for a professional treatment you can be sure of receiving excellent results that will not harm your teeth or gums in any way.

smile-makeoverAbout Our Teeth Whitening Treatments

We offer power whitening in our comfortable dental practice, or we can supply fully customised home whitening kits, containing everything you need to safely whiten your teeth at home. Whichever treatment you choose, you will need a check-up with our Basildon dentist. This is vital to ensure treatment is safe and comfortable and will not harm your oral health in any way. Once we have checked your teeth and gums, you can decide which treatment you would prefer. Both are highly affordable and very effective.

Renewing Old Fillings

This is another treatment that can make quite a bit of difference to your smile and which won’t break the bank. While this is regarded as being a cosmetic dentistry treatment, it can also help protect your dental health. We can safely remove silver amalgam fillings, replacing them with cosmetic, tooth coloured fillings that are extremely hard wearing and which will protect the tooth against further decay. It’s surprising just how much difference this can make as it will eliminate darker areas in your mouth created by silver coloured amalgams. If you have any stained white fillings in your front teeth then it can also be nice to renew these. You do need to replace your fillings every few years and it’s an easy way to protect and improve your smile.

Replacing Old Crowns and Bridges

The previous two treatments are quick to complete, but replacing old crowns and bridges will take a bit longer, typically a few weeks as these restorations have to be handcrafted in our dental laboratory. As with all types of dental restorations, crowns and bridges do need renewing every so often as they can begin to leak with age, letting in bacteria that cause infection and decay. Additionally, dental technology has improved significantly over the past few years and modern porcelains look amazingly lifelike and natural and are ideal for improving your smile. We can even make these restorations entirely metal free using the latest all ceramic materials as these provide the very best quality aesthetic results.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Basildon, it’s best to make an appointment to come and see one of our dentists here at Felmores Dental Care for a proper consultation. After assessing your teeth, we can recommend treatments that we feel will help you most and which will fit in with your budget and timeframe. To book your appointment just give us a call on 0126 8 726789. If you prefer, you can contact us through our website at

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