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It is Never Too Late for Teeth Straightening in Downham Market

Have you noticed more adults seem to be wearing braces these days? Or it’s quite possible you might have noticed someone suddenly seems to have straighter teeth. This is because orthodontics has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years with the introduction of newer technologies. Nowadays it is possible to have teeth straightening in Downham Market using braces that are virtually invisible and which often have very little impact on day-to-day life.

teeth straightening in Downham MarketAlthough fixed braces are still widely used, they frequently have clear or tooth coloured brackets that are fixed to extremely thin wires to move the teeth. Removable braces are extremely popular as they can be taken out whenever you eat something so there’s no need to steer clear of extremely hard or crunchy foods or anything that’s pretty sticky and which normally would have got stuck around conventional brace brackets. So where you start if you’re thinking of straightening crooked teeth in Downham Market?

Book an Appointment with an Orthodontist in Downham Market

Your first step is to book an appointment with a good orthodontist. They will assess your teeth and jaws, including the way your teeth bite together. From there they can work out the types of orthodontic problems requiring correction and will recommend the most suitable type of brace. If you only have a few problems with your teeth, perhaps one or two in the front that are slightly wonky or overlapping or which are simply overcrowded or incorrectly spaced, then it might be possible to use a cosmetic brace. This type of brace concentrates on only moving the front teeth. It will not correct any problems with the way teeth bite or occlude together and is not suitable for any major orthodontic issues. However it’s excellent for correcting minor problems and can often do so within just a few short months. The sheer speed of treatment is reflected in the price and this can be an economical and long-lasting way to get a straighter smile.

If you have more substantial problems than you may well benefit from having a fixed brace of some type. This is because fixed braces will enable an orthodontist in Downham Market to move your teeth extremely precisely, giving great results at the end. It’s true that fixed braces can be slightly more time-consuming to look after but these days there are plenty of tools to help you clean around the brackets. Treatment will any take a relatively short period of time and is a small price to pay for a lifetime of healthier and straighter teeth.

In fact this is one thing that’s important to remember if you are thinking about teeth straightening in Downham Market. If your teeth are quite crooked and don’t bite together correctly at the moment, then straightening them could help improve your dental health. Straighter teeth are easier to look after and to thoroughly brush and floss. Then of course there is the added bonus that your smile will look great.

It’s never too late to think about straightening your teeth so why not give Downham Market Dental Care a call today? You can phone on 01366 382265.

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