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Is it Time You Improved Your Smile?

Do you find you avoid smiling when you glance in the mirror or perhaps when you’re talking or socialising with others? Age may bring wisdom but it also increases the chances of teeth becoming discoloured, worn down or chipped. A liking for red wine, coffee and tea can stain teeth and habits such as tooth grinding or clenching can wear them down or chip them. The problem is that a less than appealing smile can be extremely aging, so if your smile doesn’t match the way you feel what can you do about it?

Cosmetic Dentistry in South Benfleet Can Improve Your Smile

orthodontics in South BenfleetHere at South Benfleet Dental Care, we have a whole range of cosmetic dental treatments that can help improve the overall look of your teeth. Some, for example white fillings and beautiful porcelain inlays and onlays can even help preserve your teeth, prolonging their natural life. We can also use a range of orthodontic braces to gently straighten crooked teeth.

Adult orthodontics in South Benfleet is becoming increasingly popular, especially as some of the options can take just a few months to create a straighter and more perfect looking smile. Even better, straighter teeth are easier to clean so orthodontics could be a good investment in the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

We can also provide you with beautiful porcelain veneers that cover up badly stained, chipped or cracked teeth or any that are the wrong size or even slightly out of alignment. Porcelain veneers can look amazing and provide long-lasting results as the ceramic material will not stain or change colour.

Teeth whitening is always popular and we can either whiten your teeth for you here in our comfortable dental surgery using power whitening, or you can choose to whiten at home. Power whitening can take as little as an hour and is great if you have a holiday or other important event coming up and want to see results as quickly as possible. Home whitening takes a little longer and uses custom-made whitening trays that fit tightly over your teeth. All you need do is wear the whitening trays as directed, either overnight or for just a few hours a day. You’ll see results in a couple of weeks and the nice thing is that you can always reuse the whitening trays at a later date when you need to top up the results.

Using a Combination of Treatments to Get a Great Smile

You might be surprised if your dentist in South Benfleet recommends using a combination of treatments to improve the overall look of your smile. There are a number of treatments that work particularly well when used together and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pay any more. What it does mean is that you’re being offered the most conservative treatments possible that are designed to maximise your oral health, preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible while getting you the results you desire.

If you’d like to find out more, why not book a consultation with a dentist in South Benfleet? We can work with you to produce a treatment plan that gets great results and which is within your budget. Just give us a call on 01268 793485 to book your appointment today.

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