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Invisible Orthodontics for Adults

Would you love to have a straighter smile? Perhaps you thought it was too late, or simply don’t fancy having to wear highly visible ‘train tracks’ for months or years. In fact adult orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular amongst adults who didn’t have the chance to straighten their teeth as children, or who have maybe seen their teeth move slightly after failing to wear retainers. Today’s modern orthodontics can discreetly straighten a smile with the minimum of fuss, and often with minimal disruption to everyday life.

braces in Ladbroke GroveHere at Ladbroke Grove Dental Care we can offer a range of different teeth straightening options, depending on the issues requiring correction. These braces can be fixed, using extremely discreet ceramic or tooth coloured brackets and very thin wires, or they can be removable. If you only have a few minor problems with tooth alignment, for example front teeth that are perhaps a little crowded or overlapping, then we can often correct these issues within just a few short months.

Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic braces in Ladbroke Grove work on correcting problems with the front teeth and are not effective for more complex issues involving the way teeth bite together. One particular brace is called the Inman Aligner. It is fully removable and consists of very thin wires that fit behind and in front of the front teeth. These are powered by special springs to help compress or squeeze the teeth into the correct positions. This brace is especially good for correcting cosmetic problems with the front teeth and can often produce excellent results within a few months.

Using a cosmetic brace can be a better and more conservative way of straightening up crooked front teeth compared with other choices that perhaps would involve grinding down the teeth in preparation for dental crowns. As dentists, we are always concerned with preserving as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible and will always recommend the most conservative treatment option.

Invisible Braces Using Clear Plastic Aligners

Invisible braces that use clear plastic aligners are extremely popular. The braces are virtually invisible and use clear aligners that fit tightly over the teeth. Treatment consists of using a series of aligners as each set is worn for approximately two weeks before being exchanged for a fresh set that will continue the tooth movements. We find patients really like this treatment as the aligners are taken out whenever you eat or drink anything so there is no need to avoid certain hard or crunchy foods that could damage fixed braces. In addition, the braces are removed during cleaning so it is super easy to maintain good dental health during treatment and there is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning around brackets and wires.

Once your teeth are properly aligned then you could find it’s much easier to keep them properly brushed and flossed. There will be fewer gaps for food to become trapped and teeth should be evenly spaced making flossing a cinch. This can help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and although most people want orthodontics for cosmetic purposes, oral health benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are interested in teeth straightening in Ladbroke Grove, please call us to book your consultation on 020 7727 9836.

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