Introducing our New Brand

Introducing our New Brand

As we stand at the start of a new journey for our business, we feel so happy that we stand together as one in #togetherdental.

It is the culmination of years of planning from our senior team. We have been juggling new signage and websites. We have been making lots of calls to tell people about our plans and getting lots of likes and messages on social media. Our head office has been buzzing with excitement as we hear the feedback of all of our practices.

But as we work hard to change into our new identity, it’s good to take a look, and remember why we are doing this in the first place.

There are lots of reasons that we have decided to change our look and feel, but none is as important as our belief that together we can do things better; better for our team of dentists, nurses and staff, and better for you, our patients.

As a group we are now able to buy in and offer some of the most technologically advanced dental equipment and offer it to you in your community practice. The scale of our group allows us to bring the most on-trend treatments and sophisticated cosmetic dentistry to the familiar, comfortable surroundings of your friendly local dentist.

In terms of training too, the opportunities for our staff and team are huge. We will have access to the very latest technological advances. This is in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic treatments and in all of the dental procedures which we bring to you day in and day out.

We really believe that the resources we can now put into your local community dental practice will revolutionise it. And we are doing this with the team that you have come to know and trust. We’re giving the people that you have looked after you so well for all these years a boost and the support to make #togetherdental the most exciting and advanced group of dental practices in the UK.

But we can only do it together. And that means with you, too, as our patients.

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