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How To Improve Your Smile With White Fillings

White fillings are just one of the many popular treatments included in cosmetic dentistry Southend and are often chosen by patients looking to have a mini smile makeover. Having a cavity no longer has to mar the appearance of your smile since white fillings blend in naturally to give a seamless finish. White or composite fillings, as they’re also called, are so popular with our patients that many are choosing to have their old silver fillings replaced with this cosmetic alternative.

white fillingsComposite fillings are made from a mixture of glass and plastic and besides being used for filling teeth, the composite material is also used to reshape disfigured teeth and change the colour of stained teeth.

Benefits of white fillings

  • Appearance – Unlike silver or amalgam fillings, white fillings have a natural appearance since the colour is carefully blended to match your other teeth. It’s the perfect solution for front teeth which would look unattractive with a silver or metallic filling.
  • Durable – White fillings are more durable than they once were and when used in small to medium sized fillings are resistant to fractures.
  • Support – Composite fillings actually bond with the teeth to strengthen the natural structure which has been weakened by decay. Also when your dentist in Southend prepares a tooth for a white filling less of the natural tooth structure needs to be removed than for a silver or amalgam filling.
  • Thermal stresses – The problem with amalgam fillings is that they are prone to expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures in the mouth, and this can cause them to crack. White fillings have insulating qualities which help prevent this from happening.
  • Versatile – White fillings are more versatile than their amalgam counterparts because they can be used to repair teeth which are worn, broken, or chipped.

There are a few downsides to white fillings however. Although they are strong, your Southend dentist will tell you that they’re not as strong as amalgam fillings so aren’t always a choice for every situation, particularly large cavities. Because they’re softer than silver fillings they also wear out faster which means they may need replacing sooner, although they should on average last up to 5 years.

If you’re thinking about getting white fillings then please book a consultation with Southend dental Care. We can discuss the pros and cons of white fillings and talk about all of your dental options. You can book online at or phone us direct on 01702 465000. We’re an evening and weekend dentist in Southend, so flexible appointments aren’t a problem.

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